Dear Parents

To minimise disruption to the school, HBHS has approved Field Days leave for those wishing to attend on Friday 15 June only; students will attend class as normal 11 – 14 June.  This policy allows students and the school to effectively operate normal classes and study during the week preceding.

The school will remain open on Friday 15 June and supervision will be provided for students who wish to attend.  Students attending school should report to the library at 8.45am with their school work.

We appreciate your support in allowing us to maintain an academic programme during a very busy week in the Waikato.

Stuart Hakeney


Thursday, June 7th, 2018

Malo e lelei, Talofa lava and tena koutou

The Mulipola family are desperately trying to fundraise the $20,000 needed to bring their mother home from an Australian hospital and to provide for her ongoing care once she is back in New Zealand. Myra has been diagnosed with a brain tumour and her husband has flown to Australia to be with her.

The Mulipola family have been strong supporters of Pasifika students at Hamilton Boys’ High School, and of the basketball community here at school. They have had four sons, Fa’afetai, AJ, Mascardo and Willie attend this kura.

We are requesting support from the Maori and Pasifika, and volleyball communities, at Hamilton Boys’ High school. Any donation would be appreciated, and we ask that students bring this donation to school by Monday 9th April.

Here is a link to the ‘Give-a-Little’ page if you wish to read the family story or make an additional donation.

‘Thanks to those who pray, share and donate. Malo boys, alofa atu outou uma and god bless’ Mascardo Mulipola posted this request on the Poly group Facebook page last week.

Malo aupito and Fa’afetai tele lava Mr Cowley, Mr Stowers, Miss Grace, Whaea Barton


Sunday, April 8th, 2018

Dear Parents/Caregivers

On-line registrations are now open for the 2018 major winter sports codes. Please click on the links below to sign up your son for the upcoming season.

Methods of Payment
Pay at the School Shop Fees Counter: Use Eftpos, Credit Card or Cheque. 
Internet Banking: If paying via your internet banking, the HBHS Account details are: 
Westpac Hamilton 031556 0085411 00 
To enable us to credit the correct amount, please add your son's name, ID number (eg 10112), and make reference to the sport.
Automatic payment: Automatic payment forms are available from the fees counter at the School Shop. Please contact Mrs Natasha Hawke at the School Shop (07) 853 0421 ext 2123 if you wish to arrange regular instalments. 

HBHS Co-curricular Staff

Tuesday, March 20th, 2018

Athletics Sports Porritt Stadium

Thursday 1st March, 8.30am – 2.15pm

Dear Parents/Caregivers

We invite all parents to attend our annual Athletics Day at Porritt Stadium, on Crosby Road, Chartwell, Thursday 1st March. Tea and coffee will be available throughout the day.

Registration: Students are to make their own way to Porritt Stadium and report to their Tutor Group teacher in their House area before 8.30am. The first events commence at 8.50am. Please note that this is a very busy area of road and delays may be expected.

Buses: Some school buses will be re-routed to Porritt Stadium (see previous School-links notice or check with your driver). After the event, between 2.20-3:00pm, the buses that were rerouted in the morning pick the boys up between 2.20 and 3.00pm at Porritt Stadium. 

Students who come to school may catch the anti-clockwise Orbiter bus to the Crosby Road stop and walk to the Stadium from there. One bus will also leave the school at 8.30am for Porritt Stadium.

Bikes: will be kept in a secure area and be supervised by staff throughout the day.

Uniform: Full school uniform or official House or PE shirts with PE shorts are to be worn to and from Porritt Stadium. While participating in the events, PE uniform, House T-shirts, or House coloured T-shirts must be worn. Running shoes are recommended to be worn on the track (to avoid receiving blisters).

Attendance is compulsory. The day offers all boys the opportunity to compete at a level that challenges them personally, and also earn points for their ‘House’ in a strongly contested House Competition. It is also a day to identify our elite athletes and for students of all abilities to compete in at least one jumping, throwing and sprint event, as well as relays.

Expectations: If students are absent due to sickness parents must provide a note in the School Diary to the Tutor Teacher on the next school day of attendance.

Finishing Time: The day will finish at approximately 2:15 pm when students will be released. Parents are requested not to seek early release for their sons, except in the case of doctor’s appointments or emergencies.

Sun: Please ensure your son has protection from the sun in the form of sunblock, a hat, sunglasses and clothing to cover up.

Food: A canteen is available to buy lunch and drinks with EFTPOS available. A sausage sizzle will also be available. No pizza or other takeaway deliveries or BBQs are permitted.

Weather: If the weather is doubtful, please check the school website under school notices at 7:00am for cancellation. We will also send an email via school links.

Belongings: Although we take every care to prevent loss of personal belongings, we urge students not to bring valuable items to Athletics.

Yours sincerely

Mr T Miller
TIC Athletics

Tuesday, February 27th, 2018

To our HBHS parents and friends,

We need a coach for a junior softball team.  Anyone interested, please contact Mr Paul Nixon

Thank you

Wednesday, January 31st, 2018



PRICES (cash only)
Adult - 16 & Over - $3.00
Child $2.00
Gold Card & Spectators $1.00

Weekdays 11:00am-5:00pm
Weekends 12:00pm-6:00pm

18th December (Mon) – 23rd December (Sat) 
3rd January (Wed) – 27th January (Sat)

*Entrance via Argyle Street Gate

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Wednesday, December 13th, 2017

Dear Parents and Caregivers

As a school we mourn the sudden loss of our Deputy Headmaster and treasured colleague Graham Robinson. His passing will be felt throughout our school community. The family and school thank all those parents, students, old boys and friends of the school who have expressed their sympathies in so many ways.

Mr Robinson’s funeral will be held this Thursday in the school hall at 11.00am. We would ask caregivers of all Yr 9 and 10 students not to send your sons to school on this day, as classes will not be operating. All students of the school are of course most welcome to attend the funeral.

Thank you

Susan Hassall

Monday, November 20th, 2017

Please find attached information regarding the upcoming Service Work Day on Monday, 20 November 2017.

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Friday, October 20th, 2017

Please find attached an Invitation to our upcoming Grandparents morning on Tuesday, 28 November 2017.

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Friday, October 20th, 2017

Please find attached 2017 Term 4 Events for your information.

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Friday, October 20th, 2017


Please see the attached flyer regarding Hamilton Boys' High School 2017 Maori & Pacific Island Celebration and Awards Evening on Thursday, 26th October at 6.00pm.

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Thursday, October 19th, 2017

A big thank you to all the parents and caregivers who consented to immunising their children.


The students aged 15 and over are due for their second dose of the vaccine and this will be done on Wednesday 18 October or Thursday 19 October 2017, at school, during school time.


Kind regards

Dr Lakhminder Sandhu

Hamilton Lake Clinic

07 839 0092

0226 01600

Tuesday, October 17th, 2017

Dear Parents, Caregivers and Students

This Friday 20th of October, we will be holding a Sports Scholarship Seminar for students who are interested in playing college sport in the US. This will be run by two fantastic speakers from Crimson Education: Bryan Moore is a Harvard graduate who was the leading Harvard lacrosse goaltender, and Tessa Berger played Division 1 soccer for Florida state!

They will take any interested students through what life would be like in the US. In addition they will talk to students about the NCAA process and the difference sport can make when applying to the Ivy League.

This is a great opportunity for all students from Year 9 through to Year 13 to learn about the university application process, and to ask sportsmen with experience about what it was like and how they did it.

Also, contrary to popular belief, students don't need to be state or national representatives to obtain a US sports scholarship, as coaches will look for a mix of academic and athletic ability.

So, this talk isn't exclusive to just the top athletes in the school, but also for dedicated academic students who are interested in using their sporting ability to gain acceptance into some of the best universities in the world!

This seminar is open to all year levels. It will be held in the Students Services Centre in the Careers room during the lunchtime of week one, term four Friday (the 20th of October).

We look forward to seeing any interested students then.


Monday, October 16th, 2017


Personal Presentation

Hamilton Boys’ High School insists on high standards of personal presentation and we ask for your assistance with this. We ask all parents to attend to hair and uniform issues with their sons over the next few days, so they come back to school ready for work and prepared in their presentation. Jerseys, shirts, shorts, trousers and socks may need repair.

Boys need an appropriate hair cut to ensure their hair is short back and sides and of even length. Students whose hair is longer than regulation will incur a detention (see below for regulation details).

Socks – Boys’ socks need to be long enough to pull up to the knees. If socks do not reach the knees they need replacement. Garters should be purchased or made to assist with this. The School Shop provides free garters with the first pair of socks sold. Garters are also available for sale at $4 a pair.

Shoes - Must be black, leather, lace-up, clean and shining. If sandals are worn, they must be the standard black or brown Roman style and must be in good repair.

Jackets - If your son chooses to wear a jacket, it must be the official school jacket.

Lost Property – This is held in the Student Services Centre. Lost property will only be held for four weeks. Please make sure all clothing is labelled to make it easy to return to your son. The person in charge is Mrs Margaret Clark Tel: 853 0440

Labels - Naming Uniform – we ask parents to name all school uniform. Shoes can be labelled as well. Two label companies are listed for iron-on or stitch labels:

1. Logo Express, Centreplace ph 838 3688 

2. for online ordering

Hair – is to be short, neat and tidy, of even length, following the natural hairline above the collar, ears and eyebrows. Hair must not be braided, dyed, waxed, straightened, nor be tied, spiked, or cut with ridges. All students are to be clean-shaven.

Hairdresser – Our School Hairdresser is available for bookings. Pay $15 at the School Shop and a time will be arranged for your son within the school day.

For further clarification of our uniform and hair rules, please refer to your son's School Diary (pg 127).

Thank you for your assistance and for checking your son when he leaves for school and returns home each school day.

Kind regards,

Deans Network

Year 9 Dean Mr D Bair
Year 10 Dean Mr B Killian
Year 11 Dean Mr H Marrow
Year 12 Dean Mr A Hay
Year 13 Dean Mr C Wood

Monday, October 16th, 2017

Orbiter Bus Changes

Please see attached regarding Orbiter Bus changes along Peachgrove Road, effective from 30th September 2017.


Hamilton Boys' High School has attached a .pdf file to this email:


Thursday, September 28th, 2017

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