Hamilton Boys’ High School Parents’ Association

Welcomes New Parents & Caregivers

The Parents’ Association would like to take this opportunity to welcome you and your son(s) to the Hamilton Boys’ High School community.

The purpose of the HBHS Parents’ Association is to promote involvement of parents in the school. All parents and caregivers of HBHS students are automatically members of the Association and a small donation is charged to your school account in Term One.  Events and activities are scheduled throughout the year, and you will find these in our handy calendar and on the website.  The committee is made up of a group of volunteers who meet once or twice a term to co-ordinate events.  New committee members or offers of assistance are always welcome – so we’d love to see you!

Our first event for 2016 was the New Parents’ Evening held in February (see photographs below).

Thanks to everyone who attended this special event.  It was a hot night and the school hall was packed with about 300 parents and caregivers, teachers and the school's executive staff.

The evening was a great success;  parents heard from Headmaster Susan Hassall, Year 9 Dean Dan Bair and PA Chair Trevor Blackburn before getting the chance to seek out their son's teachers,  learn a little more about how the PA supports the school, and meet other parents.


Again, welcome to the HBHS school community.

Parents' Association Contact Details: 

Phone the school office: (07) 853 0440