Teacher in Charge

Mr Bair and Mrs Bastion

Arthritis NZ

Fund Raising Athletic events

Mr Bair

Clothing and Sportswear Donation

The school holds limited clothing for students in need.

PTA, Guidance

Duke of Edinburgh

An internationally recognized award programme of service, physical recreation, adventure and skill development.

Mrs Bastion

Food Bank

Food and Holiday Gift drive/Salvation Army

Mrs Bastion

Greenpeace/Environmental Organizations

Volunteer Service for education and fundraising

Mrs Van Der Beek

Gully Restoration

A conservation initiative of Landscape improvement.

Mr Kirkby

Habitat for Humanity

Local, Regional, and National Projects

Mr Bair


HBHS Service Awards Programme

Students gain credits and awards at Bronze, Silver and Gold level

Mr. Bair

Service Prefects

Headmaster’s Fund

A fund available for parents to donate money for students in need within HBHS.


In School Service

School, teacher and student assistance

Mr Bair


Assisting adults with developmental disabilities

Mr Bair

Leo Club

Multiple Community Initiatives

Mrs Koning/Mr Horne


Rostered assistance

Mr Vincent

Mufti Days

The school holds two mufti days per term tagged to National Charities.

Starship Foundation (March), World Vision (April), Assistance Dogs (April), Heart Foundation (May), Kidney Kids (June)

Daffodil Day, Cancer Society (August), Save the Children

Circus Quirkus, Attitude, SADD, Special Children’s Christmas Party (September), Waikato Air Ambulance (October)

New Zealand Blood Service

NZ Blood Donors for 16+ yrs

Service Prefects & Mrs Bastion

NZ Cadet Forces


Mr Bair

NZ Fire Service

Jnr Fire Service Programme (on request)

Mr Bair

Relay for Life

12 hour Cancer Society Fundraiser

Mr Carpendale


Snr Student Initiative


School Fun Run

Kids Can National Initiative

Mr Cheyne

Service Prefects

Service Work Day

All junior students work in the community for one day to raise money for landscaping and seating projects within the school.

Mr Robinson


Local volunteer service and fundraising

Mr Bair

St. John’s Ambulance

Youth Training Programmes

Mr Bair