2014 Senior Prizegiving

For the first time in many years the Senior Prizegiving Ceremony returned to HBHS, with the 2014 awards being handed out in the school gym.  The shift in venue made for a greater seating capacity, and more importantly, as mentioned in Mrs Hassall's prizegiving address, allowed this important occasion to take place in the heart of the school.  We congratulate all of our prize-winners and celebrate our Dux for 2014, Deputy Head Prefect and Leader of the Academic Committee, Adam Cameron.  We also had the opportunity to celebrate Mrs Hassall's 15th year as Headmaster and congratulate former Headmaster Mr James Bennett on attending his 50th consecutive HBHS prizegiving.  To mark the occasion, Mr Bennett and his wife Ann commissioned a special trophy, featuring a bronze oyster shell holding a crystal pearl mounted on a walnut base, which will be presented to the Dux of the School.  The full list of prize-winners is as follows:

Year 11 Prizes:  
Accounting Blake Akapita
Agriculture Trent Mathis
Art Matthew Graham
Business Studies Jared Crow
Carpentry Clay Merito
Design and Visual Communication Reuben Hattingh
Drama Nicolas Rich
Economics Lachlan Cate
Electronics Ezra Ngawaka
English Christopher Mayo
English for Speakers of Other Languages Su Zhou
Film and Television Ben Lambourne
Food Technology Jared Crow
Geography Stanton Morgan
German Alex Frank
History Samuel Turnbull
Horticulture Charles Nelley
Information Technology Christopher Mayo
Japanese Jiejun Yang
Maori Performing Arts Shaquille Sue-Waara
Mathematics Cameron Salisbury
Mechanical Engineering Blake Garrick
Music Krishn Naicker-Duggal
Outdoor Education Harrison Grant
Photo-Design Nayan Patel
Physical Education Finley Deller
Physical Education and Life Skills Narinder Singh
Psychology Liam Calnon
Science Lachlan Cate
Spanish Hamish Weren
Sports Studies Michael Kapa
Te Reo Maori Natana Nelson
Technology Metal Cameron Gribbon
5th in Year 11 Matthew Handford
4th in Year 11 Jacob Cheatley
3rd in Year 11 Lachlan Cate
1st equal in Year 11 Dongyun Lee
1st equal in Year 11 Christopher Mayo
Year 12 Prizes:  
Accounting Michael Woods
Agriculture Mitchell Rhind
Art Lachlan Giles
Art Design Patrick Lynch
Biology Dongyun Lee
Building and Construction Justin Flower
Business Studies Spyro Sikiotis
Carpentry Ethan Hooper
Chemistry Visharn Sathiyakumar
Design and Visual Communication William Medich
Drama Morgan Hopkins
Economics Soumil Singh
Electronics Aaron Bennett
Engineering Taine Richardson
English Soumil Singh
English for Speakers of Other Languages Sungjun Park
Film and Television Lukas Skipper
Food Technology Adam Rasmussen
Geography Morgan Hopkins
German Sean McClumpha
History Jamie Ensor
Horticulture Alec Tischler
Information Technology Zachary Carter
Japanese Kyungbin Kim
Legal Studies Jamie Ensor
Life Skills Daniel Morris
Maori Performing Arts Jayden Hokianga
Mathematics (Bothwell Cup) Dongyun Lee
Media Studies Morgan Hopkins
Music Benjamin Stocker
Outdoor Education Marcus Anselmi
Photography (Photolife Studio Prize) Harry Scrimgeour
Physical Education Alastair Gloyn
Physics Christopher Mayo
Psychology Hamish Upston
Science Connor Fergusson
Spanish Kristoffer Lavasi'i
Sports Studies Bradlee Anderson
Te Reo Maori Caleb Muntz
Technology Metal Troy Mace
Technology Wood Andrew Wilkin
5th in Year 12 Lucas Sherlock
4th in Year 12 Alex Kennedy
3rd in Year 12 Patrick Lynch
2nd in Year 12 Visharn Sathiyakumar
1st in Year 12 Soumil Singh
Year 13 Prizes:  
Accounting James Robertson
Art Design Rishi Khattar
Art Painting Seong Byun
Biology Adam Cameron
Building and Construction Michael Lin
Business Studies Taylor Clement
Carpentry Ryan Christensen
Chemistry Adam Cameron
Classical Studies Blake Wilson
Design and Visual Communication Bhavick Mistry
Drama James Roberts
Economics (Ward Cup) Adam Cameron
Electronics Sahil Chauhan
English James Robertson
English for Speakers of Other Languages Shaojie Zheng
Film and Television Kiefer O'Donoghue
Food Technology Aidan Messenger
Gateway Corey Moore
Geography Sebastien Vanneste
German Lucas Sherlock
History Zac Young
Information Technology Yatharth Thakkar
Japanese Luke Smith
Legal Studies Dilshen Dahanayake
Life Skills Corbin Warren
Maori Performing Arts Chey Riki-Hamana
Mathematics with Calculus Daniel Carson
Media Studies Timothy Fahey
Music Matt Clampitt
Music Practical - Booth Cup Patrick Webb
Outdoor Education (WINTEC Adventurer's Cup) Niki Walker
Photography Patrick Webb
Physical Education Thomas Bell
Physics Adam Cameron
Psychology Wing Yeung
Spanish Daniel Cerezo
Sports Studies Jacob Prier
Statistics and Modelling Matthew Munro
Te Reo Maori Taipohu Olliver-Samuels
Technology Metal Oliver Tizard
Technology Wood Jayden Goldsack


Special Prizes:  
Gilmore Prize Christopher Goodwin
Jason Tearle Memorial Trophy Matthew Handford
Hamutana Freemasons Lodge Trophy Alex Kennedy
Jack Delaney Prize for Service & Determination in Year 12 Soumil Singh
Altrusa Award Vinoth Loganathan Mark
Peter Collier Scholarship for Applied Science & Technology Eugene Halgryn
Harborne & Arthur Prize for Best Contribution to School Music Matt Clampitt
Hugh Morton Prize for English Timothy Fahey
Baigent Cup for Oratory Alex Kennedy
House Championship Trophy Wilson House
Special Award for Service within the school Aidan Messenger
Old Boys’ Cup for Games for Sportsman of the Year Aidan Sarikaya
Weirs Arts Prize for Service to the Arts Patrick Webb
JC (Dufty) Wilson Cup for Service to Sport Legin Hotham
Africa Cup for Service Oscar Gray
Cushman Cup for Service Codi Merito
Fleming Cup for Service Cade Fleming
McDiarmid Memorial Prize for Service Daniel Carson
Nicoll Trophy for Deputy Head Boy Adam Cameron
Nicoll Trophy for Deputy Head Boy Daniel Carson
Nicoll Trophy for Deputy Head Boy Matthew Munro
Emilie and Michael Gudex Prize Adam Cameron
A P Nelson Memorial Prize for All Round Excellence Matthew Munro
Old Boys’ Prize for Leadership James Parton
5th in School Codi Merito
4th in School Andrew Sledger
3rd in School Daniel Carson
Proxime Accessit Matthew Munro
Dux of School Adam Cameron


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