2015 Cross Country Results

The weather forecasts predicted heavy rain, but the prospect of getting wet was never going to keep HBHS students from running the annual Cross Country race this morning.  After all, it's not a proper cross country without a little mud!  Students happily raced their way around the grounds and through the gully to win points for their House, with the Championship race run first before the Year 9's, 10's and 11's were unleashed.  The winners of the Non-Championship races were Kiaan Watts (Year 9), Jaden Tuhakaraina (Year 10) and Christopher Ebert (Year 11).  Congratulations to the age group champions listed below, and to all of the students who participated with such enthusiasm.  Thanks to Mr Alby Ellis and the Health and Physical Wellbeing Faculty for running this event.

Junior Champion:

  Name: House: Time:
1st Jordan Taylor Wilson 9.35 mins
2nd William Riddell Wilson 9.36 mins
3rd Lochie Montgomerie Wilson 9.38 mins

Intermediate Champion:

  Name: House: Time:
1st Isaiah Priddey Taylor 12.20 mins
2nd Samuel Montgomerie Wilson 12.56 mins
3rd Connor Tristram Wilson 12.58 mins

Senior Champion:

  Name: House: Time:
1st Ismail Sharif Taylor 20.31 mins
2nd Leon Arcus Wilson 20.52 mins
3rd Alastair Gloyn Taylor 21.31 mins

House Competition Points:

Place: House: Total: Points:
1st Wilson 1486 12
2nd Taylor 1417 10
3rd Argyle 1331 8
4th Baigent 1279 6
5th Steel 1111 4
6th Tait 1011 2




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