2015 HBHS Senior Service Award Recipients

The 2015 Service Awards were handed out at the final Senior Assembly for the year, so that the recipients could be appropriately acknowledged and congratulated for all of the work they have done in service of our wider school community.  This is an HBHS scheme where students receive bronze, silver or gold awards for the hours that they have devoted to an activity, organisation or group either within or associated with our school.  In exceptional circumstances a platinum award is given, and this year was one such year, with Year 13 student Caleb Appleton (pictured, right) receiving this award in recognition of the hundreds of hours of service he has given to the Hilda Ross Retirement Community.  The thunderous applause that greeted this award was very gratifying to hear, and was thoroughly deserved.  Congratulations once again to Caleb, and to all of our senior students who have selflessly contributed to this fundamental aspect of what it means to be an HBHS student.  The full list of senior award winners follows:

Year 12 Bronze Award Winners:

Jayesh Dullabh Xavier Glass
David Lee Dashan Basavaraja
Isaac Poole Kobi Abrahamson
Stafford Dowling Jacob Babington
Harrison Dowling Tai Lohrer
Michael Fu Jeevan Vettivel
Isaac Jung Matthew Graham
Jordan Coxhead Max Sharplin
Kenta Mitsuishi Hadleigh Morgan
Reuben Hattingh Andrew O'Malley-Shand


Year 12 Silver Award Winners:

Nathan Grant
Sam Jackson


Year 12 Gold Award Winners:

Sivaram Manoharan Blake Akapita
Lachlan Cate Kanj Patel
Sosaia Fale Bradley Parrott
Yifei Ma Tori Van Straalen
Raymon Zhou Max Gray
Douglas Shephard Krishan Deo
Ciaran Lannon John Clough
Hamish Weren Matthew Cha
Christopher Goodwin Fergus Taynton
Rawiri Kapa-Hakeney  


Year 13 Bronze Award Winners:

Cameron Sinclair Oliver Priest
Keenan Wood Hayden Gunn
Joseph Lee Matt Milner
Liam Bourton Kalib Bouma-Tucker
Christopher Steeghs Jonathan McAdam
Venkatesh Krishnan Te Ahuora McFarlane


Year 13 Silver Award Winners:

Troy Hemi Oliver Ng
Thomas Steel Daniel Schultz
Kael Kutia  


Year 13 Gold Award Winners:

Isara Sukasem Ben Woolerton
Chris Johnson Kristoffer Lavasi'i
Paul Dyer Aaron Bennett
Matthew Munn Robert Cooper
Visharn Sathiyakumar Aidan Clarkin-Rush
Cameron Steedman Jamie Ensor
Blake Vincent Troy Mace
Teo Pouri-Lane  


Platinum Award Winner:

Caleb Appleton
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