2015 Swimming Sports Results

Yesterday afternoon the HBHS Swimming Sports were held in the school pool, and because of the ongoing refurbishment of the pool and the surrounding area, it was a championship event only.  This meant that swimmers had competed in preliminary events the previous week and only the finalists were present.  However, the scaled down size of the event had no impact on the calibre of the competition, and the racing was as competitive as ever.  The full list of champions follows, as do the House Competition results.  Because the competition was not a whole school one, the Swimming Sports this year have been reclassified as a minor event, meaning the points value is halved.  Congratulations to our age group champions and to Taylor House on their win.

Junior Champion:

  Name: House: Points:
1st William Thompson Baigent 62
2nd Ashe Wainui-Mackle Taylor 56
3rd Cody Limbrick Argyle 44

Intermediate Champion:

  Name: House: Points:
1st Andrew Jeffcoat Argyle 84
2nd Danyon Hardie Wilson 54
3rd Bradley Cullen Baigent 52

Senior Champion:

  Name: House: Points:
1st Michael Woods Taylor 75
2nd James Litchfield Tait 70
3rd Nathan Edwards Taylor 63

House Competition Points:

  House: Points:
1st Taylor 6
2nd Baigent 5
3rd Tait 4
4th Argyle 3
5th Wilson 2
6th Steel 1


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