2016 Cross Country Results

The 2016 House Cross Country Competition was raced yesterday, and despite the recent warm and dry condition, there was still plenty of mud available in the gully section of the track.  Isaiah Priddey won the Senior event in a time of 18.27 minutes, Samuel Montgomerie the Intermediate race in 12.21 minutes, and Blake Wisnewski is the Junior Champion in a time of 8.59 minutes.  Despite being the smallest house in terms of numbers, Argyle House's superior participation levels saw them take out the overall House competition and gain a very welcome 12 points, putting them first equal with Wilson House.  Taylor remains steady, but Baigent have fallen away a little and find themselves now in fourth place.  Tait did Steel a big favour by finishing last, meaning that the still-last placed silver-coloured house has closed the gap a little.  The full list of champions and House points follow, and we congratulate the champions once again, along with Mr Alby Ellis and the HPW Faculty for such a well-organised event.

Senior Championship:

1st Isaiah Priddey Taylor
2nd Bradley Cullen Baigent
3rd Coby Miln Argyle

Intermediate Championship:

1st Samuel Montgomerie Wilson
2nd Connor Tristram Wilson
3rd Patrick Dowd Baigent

Junior Championship:

1st Blake Wisnewski Taylor
2nd Oliver Foote Wilson
3rd Bede Mitchell Argyle

House Points:

1st Argyle 12 points
2nd Wilson 10 points
3rd Taylor 8 points
4th Steel 6 points
5th Baigent 4 points
6th Tait 2 points

House Competition after five events:

1st = Argyle 35 points
1st = Wilson 35 points
3rd Taylor 31.5 points
4th Baigent 28.5 points
5th Tait 22 points
6th Steel 16 points
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