2016 Junior Prize Giving

On Thursday the 8th of December HBHS celebrated the 2016 Junior Prize Giving in Gym 1 to mark the end of the school year.  Congratulations to all of our prize-winners, and a special congratulations to Ashe Wainui-Mackle on being named the 2016 Junior Dux.  We proudly present the full list of prize-winners and wish everyone a safe and happy Christmas break.

Year 9 Band Prizes:

Mason Ponga   3rd in 933
Hasibul Hossain   2nd in 933
Matthew Corney   1st in 933
Tamati Toko   3rd in 932
Max Walshe   2nd in 932
Callum Holmes   1st in 932
Nitish Ratnam   3rd in 931
Keenan Goodson   2nd in 931
Lachlan Roose   1st in 931
Jed Pirrit   3rd in 929
Shinya Louis   2nd in 929
Kahn Caddy   1st in 929
Ryan Marshall   3rd in 928
Christo Durand   2nd in 928
Ryyan Asif   1st in 928
Pouwhakaaro West   3rd in 927
Jonty Parrott   2nd in 927
Jack Read   1st in 927
Illaitia Tawake   3rd in 926
Tony Paleti   2nd in 926
Jone Curulala   1st in 926
Jack Martin   3rd in 925
Devin Hutcheson   2nd in 925
Talen Cunningham-Hamana   1st in 925
Hamish Fear   3rd in 924
Rikshant Anand   2nd in 924
Arjun Duggal   1st in 924
Oliver Leen   3rd in 923
Nazaryth Jay-Koopu   2nd in 923
Noah Hotham   1st in 923
Ryan Mackie   3rd in 922
Dylan Manders   2nd in 922
Scott Arvidson   1st in 922
Alen James   3rd in 921
Aamir Mohmand   2nd in 921
Charles Annals   1st in 921
Samuel McArthur   3rd in 914
Kieran Joyce   2nd in 914
Rohan Singh   1st in 914
Aaron Couper   3rd in 913
Manaia Marsden   2nd in 913
Anthony East   1st in 913
Joshua Williams   3rd in 912
Hamish Keenan   2nd in 912
Jayden Horscroft   1st in 912

Year 9 Core Subject Prizes:

Harrison Thien   First  in English
Aryan Gupta   First in Mathematics
Rohan Singh   First in Science
Anthony East   First in Social Studies

Year 10 Band Prizes:

Joseph Russell-Shaw   3rd in 1032
Scott Wilkins   2nd in 1032
Benjamin Dixon   1st in 1032
Gurpreet Paul   3rd in 1031
Toby Hartley   2nd in 1031
Caleb Pollard   1st in 1031
Kelan Attwood   3rd in 1029
Joshua Donaghy   2nd in 1029
Evear Hayward   1st in 1029
William Swales   3rd in 1028
Rojal Bilash   2nd in 1028
Athul Manoj   1st in 1028
Harsheel Singh   3rd in 1027
Archie Martin   2nd in 1027
Danyon Brunton   1st in 1027
Jesse White   3rd in 1026
Nhlanhla Mhlanga   2nd in 1026
Dylan Poihipi   1st in 1026
Ishan Ratnayake Mudiyanselage 3rd in 1025
Zachary Entwisle   2nd in 1025
Daniel Cumming   1st in 1025
Gerhard Wolmarans   3rd in 1024
Maire Searancke   2nd in 1024
Thomas O'Leary   1st in 1024
Max Armstrong   3rd in 1023
Noah Stevens   2nd in 1023
Keisuke Saunders   1st in 1023
Jaivan Nair   3rd in 1022
Jacob Soo Choon   2nd in 1022
Janitha Edirisinghe   1st in 1022
Richard Neale   3rd in 1021
Luke Cameron   2nd in 1021
Maxwell Ericksen   1st in 1021
Shaan Parsotam   3rd in 1016
Yahia Bahr   2nd in 1016
Brandon Fletcher   1st in 1016
Vidushan Jayaratnam   3rd in 1015
Sahan Danansuriya Arachchige 2nd in 1015
Ko Lohrer   1st in 1015
Michael Qiao   3rd in 1014
Tristan Pilditch   2nd in 1014
Philip Stenger   1st in 1014
Jesse Renner   3rd in 1013
Bradley Thomas   2nd in 1013
Ollig Frank   1st in 1013
Cody Hickey   3rd in 1012
Jonathan Lloyd   2nd in 1012
Dylan Wallace   1st in 1012

Year 10 Option Subject Prizes:

Blake Morgan   First in Development Training and Recreation
Marshall Forrester   First in Elite Sport    
Xinyuan Zhai   First in English for Speakers of Other Languages
Ryan Clarke   First in Enterprise    
Samuel Houghton   First in Film and Television    
Thomas Craig-Hawkings   First in Food Technology    
Daniel Darlington   First in German    
Caeden Bright   First in Mandarin    
Guthrie Mitchell   First in Music    
Damien Bolliger   First in Spanish    
Poutama Silva   First in Te Reo Maori    
Jackson Bradbury   First in Technology Metal    
Danyon Brunton   First in Technology Wood    
Joseph Licht   First in NCEA Accounting    
Joseph Licht   First in NCEA Economics    
Carl Stephens   First in Graphics and Design    
Carl Stephens   First in Information Technology    
Connor Welch   First in Art    
Connor Welch   First in Drama    

Year 10 Core Subject Prizes:

Jonathan Lloyd   First in NCEA Mathematics
Lachlan Graham   First in NCEA Science
Ashe Wainui-Mackle   First in NCEA English
Ashe Wainui-Mackle   First in Social Studies

Special Prizes:

Dylan Poihipi   Junior Public Speaking Award  
Manaia Marsden   Junior Creative Writing Award  
Cailen Calkin   Junior Sportsman of the Year  
Dylan Belle   Michael Morrison-Ruru Trophy  
Aryan Gupta   Headmaster's Award for Citizenship
Hunter Moon   Eben Wilson Memorial Prize  
Carl Stephens   McHaffie Cup  
Joseph Licht   H D Tait Memorial Prize  
Henry Yao   Emilie and Michael Gudex Prize  

Academic Honours:

Hayden Evans   Fifth in Year 9  
Eushin Kang   Fourth in Year 9  
Zyean Cutler   Third in Year 9  
Aryan Gupta   Second in Year 9  
James-Hardy Rorimpandey   First in Year 9  
Lachlan Graham   Fifth in Year 10  
Matthew Whiteman   Fourth in Year 10  
Luke Peters   Third in Year 10  
Joseph Licht   Second in Year 10  
Ashe Wainui-Mackle   Susan Hassall Cup and Junior Dux


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