2016 Prefects and School Leaders

At our first full school assembly for 2016, the Prefects, House Captains and Top 6 Leaders were announced and congratulated.  A special congratulations to the Head Prefect for 2016, Matthew Handford, and to all of our School Leaders for this year.  We will further profile our School Leaders in the Term 1 edition of The High Achiever.

House Captains:

Deputy Captain of Argyle House:  Bradley Parrott

Captain of Argyle House:  Ciaran Lannon

Deputy Captain of Baigent House:  Panashe Nyashanu

Captain of Baigent House:  Sheridan Tuimaseve

Deputy Captain of Steel House:  Nicholas Gaylor

Captain of Steel House:  Ryan McLachlan

Deputy Captain of Tait House:  Liam McNally

Captain of Tait House:  Yifei Ma

Deputy Captain of Taylor House:   Michael Fu

Captain of Tait House:  Samuel Alsemgeest

Deputy Captain of Wilson House:  Cameron Gribbon

Captain of Wilson House:  Shaquille Sue-Waara


Deputy Leader of International Students:  Suva (Siwu) Huang

Leader of International Students:  Non (Pathomporn) Liamcharoen

Harris Abraham Kobi Abrahamson
Blake Akapita Finley Breeze
Lachlan Cate Jacob Cheatley
John Clough Jordyn Coxhead
Harrison Dowling Stafford Dowling
Michael Fu Xavier Glass
Harrison Grant Vlad Hartopeanu
Reuben Hattingh Tane Hotham
Reuben Houghton Ciaran Lannon
David (Dongyun) Lee Tai Lohrer
Yifei Ma Sivaram Manoharan
Christopher Mayo Patrick McCurran
Liam McNally Joshua Moorby
Hadleigh Morgan Bradley Parrott
Ellis Pike Rameka Poihipi
Sheridan Tuimaseve Tori Van Straalen
Jeevan Vettival Hamish Weren

Top 6 School Leaders:

Captain of Arts:  Casey Messent

Captain of Sports:  Christopher Goodwin

Deputy Head Prefect:  Lucas Clarke

Deputy Head Prefect:  Rawiri Kapa-Hakeney

Deputy Head Prefect:  Douglas Shephard

Head Prefect for 2016:  Matthew Handford


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