2016 Swimming Sports Full Results

The full list of champions from Friday's Swimming Sports list is here, and we congratulate our age group champions of 2016.  The full list of House competition points are also available and Wilson House has clearly made a very strong start to the House Competition of 2016.  Next up on the House Competition calendar is the Athletic Sports Day which is on Thursday 25 February.

Junior Championship:

1st Jeremy Doig Wilson 58 points
2nd Caleb Thomas Wilson 50 points
3rd Caleb Parsons Wilson 46 points

Intermediate Championship:

1st Danyon Hardie Wilson 92 points
2nd Ashe Wainui-Mackie Taylor 48 points
3rd Tyrell Priddey Taylor 42 points

Senior Championship:

1st Andrew Jeffcoat Argyle 92 points
2nd= Liam Barton Taylor 64 points
2nd= Bradley Cullen Baigent 64 points

House Competition Points:

1st Wilson 505 points
2nd Taylor 439 points
3rd Tait 258 points
4th Argyle 252 points
5th Baigent 195 points
6th Steel 157 points
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