2017 Athletic Sports Day

On Thursday 2 March, HBHS decamped en masse to Porritt Stadium to contest the 2017 Athletic Sports in weather that belied the fact it was officially the second day of autumn.  Four records were broken, and we congratulate these athletes along with our age group champions.  Mention must also be made of the Staff versus Prefects Relay, and all we can say is, Mr Cooley, all is forgiven.  Mr Dodunski on the other hand… your path to redemption will be a long one. In the House competition, Wilson followed their performance in the pool with a spectacular fall in the rankings whilst Argyle proved, once again, that being the smallest house is no barrier to taking out a major event.  The list of results and records follow, along with House points and standings.  Steel, the rise continues… 

Junior Champion:

1st Ollie Main Baigent 73 points
2nd Noah Hotham Baigent 64 points
3rd Jrazen Hill Steel 60 points

Intermediate Champion:

1st Mattheus Pio Taylor 74 points
2nd= Jayden Gozdz Taylor 70 points
2nd= Kalyan Gujji Steel 70 points
2nd= Liam Wilson Taylor 70 points

Senior Champion:

1st Tyler Wood Taylor 84 points
2nd Henry Marr Tait 80 points
3rd= Isaac Milne Baigent 72 points
3rd= Quinn Tupaea Tait 72 points

New Records:

Liam Wilson Intermediate 100m 11.00 seconds
Jrazen Hill Junior 200m 23.90 seconds
Mattheus Pio Intermediate 100m Hurdles 13.69 seconds
Quinn Tupaea Senior Shot Put 14.90 metres

House Points:

House: Track: Field:  Total: Overall:
Argyle 6 points 6 points 12 points  1st
Taylor 5 points 5 points 10 points  2nd
Baigent 4 points 3 points 7 points 3rd =
Steel 3 points 4 points 7 points  3rd =
Tait 1 point 2 points 3 points  5th =
Wilson 2 points  1 point 3 points  5th =

House Standings (after two events):

1st Taylor 20 points
2nd Argyle 18 points
3rd  Wilson 15 points
4th =  Steel 11 points
4th =  Tait 11 points
6th Baigent 9 points
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