2017 Cross Country Results

The 2017 Cross Country was run on the kind of grey-damp morning that passes for autumn in Hamilton, and even though the mud factor in the gully was described by several students as disappointing, it didn't stop them energetically jumping in it or enjoying the chance to get out of class and burn up some energy.  As this is a major House Competition event, serious points were on the line, and another strong performance by Argyle House helped them to stretch out their lead just that bit further.  Taylor is yapping at their heels in second place, whilst there is a Wilson-Steel-Baigent log-jam vying for third.  Tait is currently languishing in sixth, but we all know how quickly things can change at this early stage in the year.  Congratulations to our age group champions, and thanks to Mr Alby Ellis and the HPW Faculty for organising this event.  Sterling work on the motorbike too, Mr Cooley!  

Junior Champion

1st  Oliver Gordon (9.37mins) Taylor
2nd Thomas Marchant Argyle
3rd Bede Mitchell Argyle

Intermediate Champion

1st Oliver Foote (13.20mins) Wilson
2nd Blake Wisnewski Taylor
3rd Marshall Forrester Wilson

Senior Champion

1st Isaiah Priddey (18.49mins) Taylor
2nd Bradley Cullen Baigent
3rd Sean Trowern Baigent

House Points

Place: House: Totals: Points:
1st Argyle 1462 12
2nd Baigent 1395 10
3rd Taylor 1389 8
4th Steel 1364 6
5th Wilson 1337 4
6th Tait 846 2

House Standings (after four events)

Place: House: Points:
1st Argyle 36
2nd Taylor 31
3rd Wilson 23
4th Steel 22
5th Baigent 21
6th Tait 14


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