2017 Junior Prize Giving

Today we celebrated all of the achievements of our Year 9 and 10 students in the Large Gym.  This was the final event for the year, and we congratulate all of our junior students on their achievements.  Special congratulations to Junior Dux James-Hardy Rorimpandey.  Additional photos of this event will be loaded as soon as is possible.  

Year 9 Band Prizes:

Brandon Climo 3rd in 933
Callan Worthington 2nd in 933
Carson Weldon 1st in 933
Brian Tupou 3rd in 932
Marty Dixon 2nd in 932
Mitchell Wihongi 1st in 932
Kade Jennings 3rd in 931
Reuben Lawrence 2nd in 931
Hitanshu Rawat 1st in 931
Blake Thorpe 3rd in 929
Campbell Martin 2nd in 929
Aditya Sharma 1st in 929
Kitt Douglas 3rd in 928
Ryan Francis 2nd in 928
Jacob Graham 1st in 928
Benjamin Marsden 3rd in 927
Simon Moses Simpson 2nd in 927
Cooper Merito 1st in 927
Angus Barkley 3rd in 926
George Reeves 2nd in 926
Jay Brydon 1st in 926
Jack Bruning 3rd in 925
Jacob Smith 2nd in 925
Thomas Hayward 1st in 925
Dean Ralph 3rd in 924
Sterling Higham 2nd in 924
Parth Dave 1st in 924
Daniel Pipe 3rd in 923
Joshua Blaikie 2nd in 923
Uvindu Ranasinghe 1st in 923
Kain Scampton 3rd in 922
Joseph Gibbs 2nd in 922
Koby Niwa 1st in 922
Rowan Brunton 3rd in 921
Cole McClure 2nd in 921
Jordan Hill 1st in 921
Nicholas Geer 3rd in 914
Cheng-Yu Dong 2nd in 914
Andrew Sun 1st in 914
Aaron O'Regan 3rd in 913
Tobias Hutcheson 2nd in 913
Suprabal Khatry 3rd in 912

Year 9 Subject Prizes:

Parthiv Kanji First in English
Drishya Patel First in Mathematics
Tebijan Kalarathan First in Science
Logan Dent-Allen First in Social Studies

Year 10 Band Prizes:

Ramsey Finau 3rd in 1033
Warren Patuwai 2nd in 1033
William McCutchan 1st in 1033
Fletcher Simpson 3rd in 1032
Cody Cooper 2nd in 1032
Tremaine Parnell-Downey 1st in 1032
Joel Biju 3rd in 1031
Yasir Chaudhry 2nd in 1031
Joshua Druett 1st in 1031
Callum Holmes 3rd in 1029
Kalyan Gujju 2nd in 1029
Nitish Ratnam 1st in 1029
Shinya Louis 3rd in 1028
Alyx Trewin 2nd in 1028
Ryan Kapur 1st in 1028
Carlos Thompson 3rd in 1027
Oliver Nicholls-Smith 2nd in 1027
Daniel Hayward 1st in 1027
Phillip Pedro 3rd in 1026
Caleb Williams 2nd in 1026
Amos Faaola 1st in 1026
Dean Mason 3rd in 1025
Cole Northcott 2nd in 1025
Oliver Martin 1st in 1025
Tony Paleti 3rd in 1024
Huiho Lee 2nd in 1024
Jack Martin 1st in 1024
Theme van Alphen 3rd in 1023
Thomas Woolerton 2nd in 1023
Daniel Gisborne 1st in 1023
Stefan Flowerday 3rd in 1022
Knell Emmanuel Pacis 2nd in 1022
Ryan Atkins 1st in 1022
Michael Scott 3rd in 1021
Jun Wang 2nd in 1021
Rikshant Anand 1st in 1021
Nabeel Shakur 3rd in 1015
Alen James 2nd in 1015
Charles Julian Nicdao 1st in 1015
Rhys Kleuskens 3rd in 1014
Yinkun Chen 2nd in 1014
Christopher Bard 1st in 1014
Charles Annals 3rd in 1013
Joshua Gordon 2nd in 1013
Amirshantia Enteshari Najafabadi 1st in 1013
Samuel Fraser 3rd in 1012

Year 10 Subject Prizes:

Eushin Kang First in NCEA Accounting  
Ethan Morgan First in Art  
Stephen Fan First in Chinese  
Aryan Gupta First in Drama  
James-Hardy Rorimpandey First in NCEA Economics  
Charles Annals First in Electronics  
Oliver Foote First in Elite Sport  
Ethan Hight First in NCEA English  
Zhibo Xu First in English Language Learning
Jed Pirrit First in Enterprise  
Jett Scott First in Film and Television  
Eli Huang First in Food Technology  
Bede Mitchell First in German  
Stefan Flowerday First in Graphics and Design  
Jack Larsen First in History / Geography  
Thomas Perham First in Horticulture  
Aryan Gupta First in Information Technology  
Liam Henderson First in Music  
James-Hardy Rorimpandey First in NCEA Mathematics  
James-Hardy Rorimpandey First in NCEA Science  
Eushin Kang First in Social Studies  
Jayden Horscroft First in Spanish  
Hamana Mahuika First in Te Reo Maori  
Hunter Moon First in Technology Metal  
Stefan Flowerday First in Technology Wood  

Special Prizes:

Ryan Hood Junior Public Speaking Award    
Edward Smith Junior Creative Writing Award    
Anton Shepp Junior Sportsman of the Year    
Jamie Barker Michael Morrison-Ruru Trophy for Greatest Enthusiasm in Year 9
Cheng-Yu Dong Headmaster's Award for Citizenship for Outstanding Civic Responsibility in Year 9
Oliver Gordon Eben Wilson Memorial Prize for Excellence in Year 9
Oliver Foote McHaffie Cup for Outstanding Leadership in Year 10
Aryan Gupta H D Tait Memorial Prize for Outstanding Character and Ability in Year 10
Hunter Moon Emilie and Michael Gudex Prize for All-round Excellence and Potential in Year 10

Year 9 Premier Academic Awards:

Thomas Spaans Fifth equal in Year 9
Logan Palmer Fifth equal in Year 9
Sulaiman Bahiss Fourth in Year 9
Travis Palmer Third in Year 9
Tebijan Kalarathan Second in Year 9
Drishya Patel First in Year 9

Year 10 Premier Academic Awards:

Marcus Holmes Fifth in Year 10  
Anthony East Fourth in Year 10  
Rohan Singh Third in Year 10  
Aryan Gupta Second in Year 10  
James-Hardy Rorimpandey Susan Hassall Cup and Junior Dux
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