2018 Athletic Sports Day

Last Thursday 1 March, HBHS made its annual trek to Porritt Stadium to contest the 2018 Athletic Sports Day in conditions that were, for the first time in quite some time, not ferociously hot.  This meant for an excellent day's running, jumping and throwing, and we congratulate our age group champions on their efforts.  The Wilson House Relay team ran a spectacularly fast 4 x 100m in 46.72 seconds to set a new school record.  The House points were very tightly contested, with four Houses finishing on 7 points behind a victorious (and mighty) Argyle House.  The overall House points, after two events, are also very close, although even the most optimistic of Tait House supporters would have to admit that there's some work to be done.  We thank and congratulate all of the athletes who competed so well, and thank Mr Todd Miller and the HPW Faculty on another superbly run sports day.

Junior Championship:

1st Regan Peters Steel 78 points
2nd Manaia Williams Steel 72 points
3rd = Liam Davis Wilson 62 points
3rd = Kai Meiklejohn Taylor 62 points

Intermediate Championship:

1st Charles Annals Baigent 82 points
2nd= Andrew Carr Steel 56 points
2nd= Kalyan Gujji Steel 56 points

Senior Championship:

1st Henry Marr Tait 72 points
2nd Patrick Dowd Baigent 64 points
3rd Mattheus Pio Taylor 62 points

Athletic Sports House P0ints:

House: Track: Field:  Total: Overall:
Argyle 5 points 6 points 11 points  1st
Baigent 3 points 4 points 7 points  2nd =
Steel 2 points 5 points 7 points 2nd =
Taylor 6 points 1 point 7 points  2nd =
Wilson 4 points 3 points 7 points  2nd =
Tait 1 point  2 points 3 points  6th

House Standings (after two events):

1st Wilson 19 points
2nd Taylor  17 points
3rd = Argyle 15 points
3rd = Steel 15 points
5th Baigent 13 points
6th Tait 5 points
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