2018 Junior Prize Giving

Today in Gym 1 we celebrated the last event in our school calendar for 2018, the Junior Prize Giving.  Congratulations to all of our prize winners, and a special congratulations to our Junior Dux, Drishya Patel

Year 9 Band Prize Winners:

John Anderson 3rd in 933
Sol Bradley 2nd in 933
Kallum Mardon 1st in 933
Rico Lowry 3rd in 932
Heath Palaone 2nd in 932
Yanni Emerson-Rae 1st in 932
Oliver Peden 3rd in 931
Karepa Mataira 1st equal in 931
Tukotahi-Zyeaire Wilson 1st equal in 931
Uday Kiran Buddha 3rd in 929
Karanbir Singh 2nd in 929
Shoaib Chaudhry 1st in 929
Zihang Fan 3rd in 928
Sopharachwathanakh Hong 2nd in 928
Aiden Davies 1st in 928
Jamie Sosa 3rd in 927
Adullah Kazankiran 2nd in 927
Tinu Joseph 1st in 927
Aidan Bray 3rd in 926
Mitchell Deane 2nd in 926
Zaheer Azizi 1st in 926
Joshua Steidle 3rd in 925
Anuraag Patel 2nd in 925
Nik Ilyas Nik Ahmad Mazani 1st in 925
Christopher Seel 3rd in 924
Musawar Ahmad 2nd in 924
Conor Penberthy 1st in 924
Keanu Goodall 3rd in 923
Harry Moffitt 2nd in 923
Adam Morgan 1st in 923
Logan Jenner 3rd in 922
Joseph Morgan 2nd in 922
Joseph Lorimer 1st in 922
Narayan Kandel 3rd in 921
Vihanga Devinda Herath Mudiyanselage 2nd in 921
Reuben Fraser 1st in 921
Callum Carmichael 3rd in 915
Zacky Harris 2nd in 915
Maanav Tomar 1st in 915
Mitchell Keightley 3rd in 914
Liam Townsend 2nd in 914
Aidan Webster 1st in 914
Ernest Divina 3rd in 913
Hunter Read 2nd in 913
Alex Sok 1st in 913
Hamish Kerr 3rd in 912
Angel Medina-Cubillos 2nd in 912

Year 9 Subject Prize Winners:

Jacob Porter First in English
Michael Lin First in Mathematics
Michael Lin First in Science
Jacob Porter First in Social Studies

Year 10 Band Prize Winners:

Matthew Going 3rd in 1033
Shushankha Devkota 2nd in 1033
Duale Mire 1st in 1033
Rowan McLachlan 3rd in 1032
Shaydon Govender 2nd in 1032
Rashmika Perumbuli Mudiyanselage 1st in 1032
George Toy 3rd in 1031
Jeszmuel Dela Cruz 2nd in 1031
Eric Paki 1st in 1031
Kainoa Turner 3rd in 1029
Kastin Baretoka 2nd in 1029
Savenaca Nakarawa 1st in 1029
Jahkiel Rewha 3rd in 1028
Mitchell Wihongi 2nd in 1028
Augustine Samuel 1st in 1028
Tai Cribb 3rd in 1027
Lachlan Ross 2nd in 1027
Hitanshu Rawat 1st in 1027
Xavier Tiffany 3rd in 1026
Marama Tearaura 2nd in 1026
Kitt Douglas 1st in 1026
Kobe Tuhakaraina 3rd in 1025
Braeden Chapman 2nd in 1025
Emersyn Coxhead 1st in 1025
Jeffery Zhu 3rd in 1024
Ashish Chand 2nd in 1024
Benjamin Marsden 1st in 1024
Giovanni Bernal 3rd in 1023
Jack Wu 2nd in 1023
Adam Wilson 1st in 1023
Henry Elia-Cameron 3rd in 1022
Tanner Rowe 2nd in 1022
Ashton Fleming 1st in 1022
Lee Panui 3rd in 1021
Fabian Scott 2nd in 1021
Daniel Pipe 1st in 1021
Cole McClure 3rd in 1015
Parth Dave 2nd in 1015
Uvindu Ranasinghe 1st in 1015
Maz Curle 3rd in 1014
Andrew Sun 2nd in 1014
Nicholas Geer 1st in 1014
Shaurya Pathak 3rd in 1013
Devon Collinson 2nd in 1013
Cheng-Yu Dong 1st in 1013
Robert Hoskins 3rd in 1012
Myles Landon 2nd in 1012

Year 10 Subject Prize Winners:

Kanghao Li First in NCEA Accounting
Ethan Barton First in Adventure-Based Learning
George Ballard First in Art
Tobias Hutcheson First in Chinese
Jarvis Buckell First in Drama
Travis Palmer First in NCEA Economics
Daniel Pipe First in Electronics
Oliver Gordon First in Elite Sport
Tebijan Kalarathan First in NCEA English
Aria Ayoubi First in English Language Learning
Jeffery Zhu First in Enterprise
Noah Page First in Film and Television
Maximus Djohanli First in Food Technology
Toby Hill First in German
Liam Parrott First in Graphics and Design
Nicholas Geer First in History / Geography
Samuel Harris First in Horticulture
Cheng-Yu Dong First in Information Technology
Seong Wook Kim First in Music
Benjamin Wright First in NCEA Mathematics
Drishya Patel First in NCEA Science
Travis Palmer First in Social Studies
Morgan Gardiner First in Spanish
Matthew Clark First in Te Reo Maori
Rowan Brunton First in Technology Metal
Blake Thorpe First in Technology Wood

Special Prize Winners:

The Junior Public Speaking Award to Xavier Tiffany

The Junior Creative Writing Award to Matthew Lynch

Junior Sportsman of the Year to Samuel Nelson

The Michael Morrison-Ruru Trophy for the Greatest Enthusiasm in Year 9 to Rylee Pritchard

The Headmaster's Award for Citizenship for Outstanding Civic Responsibility in Year 9 to Ieuan Sutherland

The Eben Wilson Memorial Prize for Excellence in Year 9 to Cayden Buitendach

The McHaffie Cup for Outstanding Leadership in Year 10 to Ethan Barton

The H D Tait Memorial Prize for Outstanding Character and Ability in Year 10 to Gus Nelson

The Emilie and Michael Gudex Prize for All-round Excellence and Potential in Year 10 to Noah Page

Top in Year 9:

Matthew Lynch Fifth in Year 9
Nathanael Loy Fourth in Year 9
Michael Lin Third in Year 9
Aum Patel Second in Year 9
Jacob Porter First in Year 9

Top in Year 10:

Parthiv Kanji Fifth in Year 10
Kanghao Li Fourth in Year 10
Tebijan Kalarathan Third in Year 10
Travis Palmer Second in Year 10
Drishya Patel Susan Hassall Cup and Junior Dux
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