2018 Scholarship Results

On Tuesday we welcomed back our Scholarship Examination candidates of 2018, and congratulated them on gaining 78 Scholarships, with 7 at Outstanding level.  This figure once again ranks HBHS among the very best schools in New Zealand.  The list of results is presented in full, and we congratulate each and every one of our students on their efforts and thank and congratulate all of the teachers and families who helped to get them there.

Name Year Level Subject Scholarship Outcome
Seven Scholarships with Three Outstanding      
Patrick Dowd 13 English S
    Biology S
    Chemistry O
    Physics O
    Statistics O
    Calculus S
    Classical Studies S

Six Scholarships with Two Outstanding

Sameer Mandhan 13 English O
    Biology S
    Statistics S
    Geography O
    Economics S
    History S
Six Scholarships with One Outstanding      
Nicholas Goodman 13 English O
    Art History S
    Geography S
    Economics S
    History S
    Classical Studies S
Five Scholarships      
Alex Chen 13 Biology S
    Chemistry S
    Agriculture and Horticulture S
    Economics S
    Health and Physical Education S
Joshua Monteiro 13 English S
    Biology S
    Chemistry S
    Physics S
    Health and Physical Education S
Three Scholarships      
Immo Frank 13 Biology S
    Chemistry S
    Statistics S
Sena Hazama 13 English S
    Statistics S
    Health and Physical Education S
Keeley Sexton 13 English S
    History S
    Health and Physical Education S
Two Scholarships with One Outstanding      
Cian Sutherland 13 English O
    Art History S
Two Scholarships      
Robert Brodnax 13 Chemistry S
    Earth and Space Science S
Daniel Li 13 Chemistry S
    Physics S
Jason Mace 13 Chemistry S
    Physics S
Thomas Martin 13 Painting S
    Design S
Matthew Templeman 13 Chemistry S
    Statistics S
Logan Trigg 13 Chemistry S
    Statistics S
Henry Yao 12 English S
    History S
One Scholarship      
Hussain Alqassab 13 Chemistry S
Nicholas Amor 13 Statistics S
Dylan Anderson 13 Accounting S
Alexander Deo 13 Accounting S
Samuel Eddy 13 Accounting S
Sikolasipi Faka'osilea 13 English S
Henry Gann 13 English S
Cole Gorringe 13 English S
Benjamin Haworth 13 Geography S
Denley Heasman 13 Statistics S
Tefin Joseph 13 Accounting S
Paul Lee 13 Painting S
Samuel Li 13 Statistics S
Joseph Licht 12 Economics S
Yudong Ma 13 Chinese S
Varin Malhotra 13 Statistics S
Nate Raffan 13 Design S
Oliver Simpson 13 English S
Luke Stynes 13 Technology S
Christoph ten Houte de Lange 13 Calculus S
Bradley van Tiel 13 English S
Tharun Vasudevan 13 Painting S
Lewis Villavicencio 13 Design S
Shilong Yang 13 English S



Subject Scholarships
Accounting 4
Agriculture and Horticulture 1
Art History 2
Biology 5
Calculus 2
Chemistry 10
Chinese 1
Classical Studies 2
Design 3
Earth and Space Science 1
Economics 4
English 14
Geography 3
Health and Physical Education 4
History 4
Painting 3
Physics 4
Statistics 10
Technology 1
No of Scholarships 71
No at Outstanding level 7
Total No of Scholarships 78


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