2019 Swimming Sports Day

The 2019 Swimming Sports were held on Wednesday, and the pool offered welcome respite for competitive and non-competitive swimmers alike from the current heatwave.  The list of age-group champions follows, and we congratulate them all, along with our record-breakers.  Thanks to Mr Vaughan Johnson for running the prelims, and thanks to Mr Jeremy Quigley and the 12PY students for their efforts in organising and running the day.  Congratulations must go to Taylor House on winning the first event of the 2019 House Competition.

Junior Championship:

1st David So Argyle 54 points
2nd= Joshua Edwards Tait 50 points
2nd= Elijah Singleton Wilson 50 points

Intermediate Championship:

1st  Jack Bruning Steel 74 points
2nd Carlos Hardie Wilson 58 points
3rd Ciaran Watson Taylor 56 points

Senior Championship:

1st Sam Ratima Taylor 90 points
2nd Jaxyn Mihaka Taylor 73 points
3rd Caleb Parsons Wilson 62 points

Records Broken (four):

Jack Bruning (Year 11) Intermediate 100m Breaststroke and Open 100m Medley

Dominic Fawkner (Year 10) Intermediate 200m Freestyle

David So (Year 9) Junior 100m Breaststroke


House Competition Points (after 1 event):

1st Taylor 590 points 12
2nd Wilson 440 points 10
3rd Steel 400 points 8
4th Tait 243 points 6
5th Baigent 212 points 4
6th Argyle 200 points 2
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