ALP Night of the Notables

As a post-examination unit of work, the students in 911 researched a notable person of their choice from history or the current day. They were required to research the person and take on his/her role in order to come up with answers to nine questions such as: what is your most important contribution to your field? Their findings were all displayed in booklets or charts.

The culmination of the unit was the “Night of the Notables” held recently in the study centre, staffroom and B4. The students arrived dressed in outfits to resemble their notable people and brought a plate each for supper, some plates being linked to the characters they had researched. They conversed in the study centre while parents and other family members met in the staffroom. Parents and other family members were given the same nine questions the boys had researched and then went to the study centre and questioned the boys to determine the identity of the notables. The boys tried to answer the questions in order to give away some information, but not too much, in order to try to keep parents and family guessing until the ninth question. The brother of one of the students, Connor Haisley had the highest total of identifications of 18 during the 30 minutes of questioning. After the interviews supper was shared and the students’ work was viewed in B4.


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