2015 Athletic Sports Day Report and Results

It was another stunning day, as is so often the case when the HBHS Athletic Sports Day rolls around, and yesterday the entire school headed off for a day in the sun at Porritt Stadium to contest the 2015 Athletic Sports Day.  The day is divided into championship events, where finalists from the heats held at school last week compete for titles and points, and non-championship events where students can participate and accumulate House points.  The highlight of the day is always the Prefect Committees versus Staff Relay race which wraps the day up, and there were batons dropped aplenty, none more memorably than in the last leg where an errant hand-off cost the staff a certain victory.  We're not naming names, but HBHS has a new saying we can use when a drop costs a win, you "do a Cooley".  The full list of junior, intermediate and senior champions follows, as does the House points and final placings.  During the day two new school records were set by Bradley Cullen in the Intermediate 2000m Steeplechase with a time of 6.31.44 minutes, and Blair Pennell in the Senior 2000m Steeplechase with a time of 6.21.38 minutes.  Congratulations to all of the winners and competitors for making it such an enjoyable day, and thanks to Mr Todd Miller and the HPW Faculty for their efforts in organising and running another excellent HBHS event.

Junior Championship:

  Name: House: Points:
1st Jake Scurrah Tait 76
2nd Jayden Gozdz Taylor 68
3rd Jacob Hamilton Steel 66

Intermediate Championship:

  Name: House: Points:
1st Tyler Wood Taylor 92
2nd Bradley Cullen Baigent 64
3rd Isaac Milne Baigent 60

Senior Championship:

  Name: House: Points:
1st Christopher Goodwin Baigent 74
2nd Harrison Grant Tait 72
3rd Blair Pennell Taylor 60

House Track Points:

  House: Points:
1st Taylor 551
2nd Wilson 485
3rd Baigent 411
4th Argyle 396
5th Steel 248
6th Tait 231

House Field Points:

  House: Points:
1st Tait 392
2nd Taylor 355
3rd Baigent 300
4th Argyle 287
5th Wilson 258
6th Steel 230

Overall House Points and Placings:

  House: Points:
1st Taylor 11
2nd Baigent 8
3rd= Tait 7
3rd= Wilson 7
5th Argyle 6
6th Steel 3
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