Careers Day at HBHS

Today, as part of the final week's activities, HBHS Year 9 students had the opportunity to find out about a wide range of careers, thanks to a very generous group of professionals who volunteered their time to share their experiences in their various fields this morning.  Students learned about what they would need to do as police officers, what being in the Fire Service meant and how to travel around the world and work as a chef, visiting over 100 countries, and much more besides.  They also got their hands on some of the tools of the trades, such as chainsaws and diggers, which proved hugely popular, and in the case of the digger, quite challenging.  As you can see the day was hugely successful and we would like to thank every one of our guest speakers who gave up their time to share their experiences with our students.  Thanks also to our Careers Co-ordinator Mrs Lynnette Ross for all of the time and effort she put into organising the day.

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