Cross Country 2018

The 2018 HBHS House Cross Country competition took place on Tuesday in unseasonably warm and sunny weather.  However, the one thing that can always be relied upon, no matter how fine the weather, it that there will be mud.  And there was.  Congratulations to our age group champions and to Wilson House who took out this major event and further strengthened their lead in the 2018 competition.  The mighty Argyle™ follows close behind, and Taylor and Steel are still duking it out for third and fourth respectively.  Baigent sits in fifth, and perennial wooden-spoon-contender Tait still holds on to that bottom spot, but they are starting to make some ground.  We shall see how things stand, as Volleyball and Tug-O-War follow in Weeks 3 and 4.  Thanks to Nat Aitchison for the photography.

Junior Championship:

1st  Mathijs Wetzels Taylor
2nd Joseph Morgan Taylor
3rd Gus Nelson Argyle

Intermediate Championship:

1st Oliver Foote Wilson
2nd Kalyan Gujju Steel
3rd Andrew Carr Steel

Senior Championship:

1st Patrick Dowd Baigent
2nd William Swales Tait
3rd Daniel Sinkinson Argyle

Cross Country House Points:

1st Wilson 1476 12
2nd Argyle 1426 10
3rd Taylor 1408 8
4th Steel 1330 6
5th Tait 1284 4
6th Baigent 1282 2

House Competition Overall Standings (after five events):

1st Wilson 41.5
2nd Argyle 36.5
3rd Taylor 31.5
4th Steel 26
5th Baigent 17
6th Tait 12.5
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