Full List of 2014 Maadi Cup Medalists

The following is the full list of medal winners from the 2014 Maadi Cup Regatta, held last week at Twizel on Lake Ruataniwha. We will acknowledge and celebrate these achievements, along with all of the other success stories of Summer Tournament Week at our full school assembly on Wednesday. A full report on Summer Tournament Week will feature in the Term 1 edition of the High Achiever. Congratulations to everyone involved who worked so hard for our HBHS sports teams last week.

The list of Maadi Cup medallists is as follows (7 gold, 2 silver and 3 bronze medals):

Under 18 Novice Double Sculls: Gold

Crew: Jacob Prier and Rhys Bain

Coaches: Don Baron and Ivan Pavich


Under 16 Coxed Four: Bronze

Crew: Josh Gaylor, Connor Loomans, Ruben Houghton, Lucas Clarke andMatthew Deller (cox)

Coaches: Cameron Bell and Robin Clarke


Exhibition Under 18 Novice Coxed Eight: Gold

Crew: Gabe Banks, Karney Dunster, Jacob Prier, Rhys Bain, Matthew Waugh, Joshua Davis, Caleb Muntz, Joel Fleming and Tony Pavich (cox)

Coaches: Ivan Pavich and Don Baron


Under 15 Coxed Eight: Gold

Crew: Cameron Gribbon, John Clout, Eli Mossop, Quinn Tupaea, Matthew Kemp, James Keeling, Lee Oldfield, Joshua Hill and Jamie Hepworth (cox)

Coaches: Glenn Ross and Jack Donaldson


Under 18 Coxed Eight (Springbok Shield): Silver

Crew: Theo Krielen, Matt Munro, Sam Macky, Drikus Conradie and Hayden Shaw (cox)

Coach: Bruce Holden


Under 15 Coxed Quadruple Sculls: Gold and Bronze

Gold – Crew: Eli Mossop, Quinn Tupaea, Matthew Kemp, James Keeling and Joel Dowden (cox)

Gold – Coaches: Glenn Ross and Jack Donaldson

Bronze – Crew: Cameron Gribbon, John Clout, Joshua Hill, Matthew Waugh and Ryan Slight (cox)

Bronze Coaches: Glenn Ross and Jack Donaldson


Under 16 Coxed Eight: Silver

Crew: Josh Gaylor, Lucas Clarke, Ruben Houghton, Matthew Handford, Patrick McCurran, Connor Loomans, Alex Parton, Jack Clough and Hayden Shaw (cox)

Coaches: Cameron Bell and Robin Clarke


Under 15 Coxed Four: Gold

Crew: Eli Mossop, Quinn Tupaea, Matthew Kemp, James Keeling and Jamie Hepworth (cox)

Coaches: Glenn Ross and Jack Donaldson


Under 17 Coxed Quadruple Sculls: Bronze

Crew: Matthew Thompson, Ben Goodson, Tayne Tupaea, Marcus Anselmi and Matthew Shaw (cox)

Coach: Don Baron


Under 18 Novice Coxed Four: Gold

Crew: Gabe Banks, Rhys Bain, Jacob Prier, Karney Dunster and Tony Pavich (cox)

Coaches: Don Baron and Ivan Pavich


Under 18 Coxed Eight (Maadi Cup): Gold

Crew: Theo Krielen, Caleb Loomans, Drikus Conradie, Matt Munro, Sam Macky, James Parton, Tom Bell, Finn Maunsell and Hayden Shaw (cox)

Coach: Bruce Holden

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