Get Thee to the HBHS Hall tonight!

Tonight is your only chance to catch this 90 minute sprint through all of Shakespeare’s plays, and there really is only one thing we can say about that, and that is DO IT.  This performance is utterly hysterical throughout, and by hysterical we mean bent double, trying not to fall off your chair and apologising to the person sitting next to you for laughing so loudly.  Fortunately they don’t mind because they are in the same state.  The performances are uniformly brilliant, the comedy is clever and accessible (a knowledge of Shakespeare is not a requirement but you will learn a few things) and the energy and improvisational touches are outstanding.  Huge congratulations to the cast of Morgan Hopkins (who also directed), Patrick Lynch and Josh Devlin, along with supporting players Max Mitchell, Stephen Burroughs and Spencer Littlewood and to Ms Charlotte Warren on a wonderful evening of entertainment.  Tickets can be bought at the School Shop fees counter or at the door and are $5 for students and $10 for adults.  At these prices it is an absolute bargain, and your last chance to see many of these immensely talented performers at HBHS.  See you there!

For more on tonight’s show, check out the front page story from yesterday’s Hamilton Press

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