Great Support for School Shoe Appeal

The first few days of the Parents’ Association appeal for school shoes has seen over 40 pairs donated, and our school counsellor Mrs Janice Vermeulen is delighted.

The call for shoes only went out last Thursday and Mrs Vermeulen is already handing out shoes to some very appreciative boys. “The look on their faces when I can tell them there’s a brand new pair of shoes waiting for them at my office says it all”, says Mrs Vermeulen.  "Any shoes would be a bonus, but being able to give these young men new shoes is just brilliant.”  

“I can’t thank our school community enough for the support so far. Together we can make a real difference in the lives of families who are struggling to make ends met”, she says.

The appeal is only just beginning and shoes are still needed. All sizes of new, or second hand pairs in reasonable condition, are needed and if you have spare school socks, we’ll put these to excellent use also.

Please drop shoes and socks to Reception at the new Student Services Centre Building (Argyle St entrance).

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