HBHS Chess Team win Super 8 title for the second year in a row

The HBHS Chess team improved on their performance last year, securing their Super 8 victory by five points, which was far more emphatic than last year's half-point nail-biter.  The HBHS Number 1 team were completely dominant, winning the competition with a match to spare, and all four players won board prizes.  In addition, Daniel Ng and Krishnan Deo scored 100% in their matches and were backed up by fine performances from Christopher Symon and Sivaram Manoharan.  The HBHS Number 2 team filled in for an absent school and acquitted themselves very well, winning two of their matches and drawing one.  The team of Samuel Eddy, Alister Teow, Lachlan Cate and Shilong Yang played some very good chess, according to Teacher in Charge Mr Graham Nolan, despite having to compete against some of the best chess players from other schools.  Congratulations to all of these students on their efforts in securing another Super 8 title for HBHS.

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