HBHS Junior Leaders for 2014

Last week, at the final Middle School Assembly for the year, the Junior Leaders for 2014 were announced and congratulated.  These students will pick up the duties normally carried out by the Prefects once the seniors depart on study and examination leave, and today at the Prefects Meeting, the Year 10 students were paired up with a Prefect in order to get a taste of what it is like to take on this very important role within our school.  The 2014 Junior Leaders are as follows, and we congratulate these students on their selection:


First name Surname Tutor Group Class
Tane Aruka Te Aho Ga 1014
Cathan Bowler Dv 1014
James Fellows-Ford Bn 1014
Liam Haughey Ma 1011
Seth Head Mz 1013
Reuben Hurliman Ma 1012
Andrew Jeffcoat Mt 1016
Raukawa Kora Ga 1014
Finlay Linton Js 1013
Siyuan Li  Wi 1011
Angus MacDonald Bf 1015
Sam Montgomerie Wa 1015
Fletcher Morgan Po 1015
James Morgan Bn 1011
Caleb Muntz Ga 1012
Tim Neild Wr 1012
Timothy Ng Cv 1011
Coby Milne Na 1027
Standord Pogai Co 1029
Nicci Rich Bn 1011
Ben Taylor Sj 1011
Rohan Thomas Cl 1011
Quinn Tupaea Ca 1022
Patrick Turner Gn 1014
Vaughan Wells Ro 1013
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