HBHS Motocross Team finishes on the podium at the New Zealand Secondary Schools Championships

The HBHS Motocross team had a good day at the NZSSMX Championships, hosted by the Cambridge Motorcycle Club on the 14th of July.
HBHS finished 3rd, missing out on a higher place due to a few racing incidents.

The top three HBHS riders were:

2nd Nicholas Westgate (Year 9) 85cc
2nd Seton Head (Year 12) 250cc
3rd Josh Clausen (Year 12) 250cc

The remaining HBHS results were:

4th Yanni Emerson-Rae (Year 9) 85cc
5th Dylan Westgate (Year 9) 85cc, he won the first two races but broke his collarbone in the last race.
5th Zak Fuller (Year 12) 125cc
6th Archie Clausen (Year 9) Jnr 250cc 
7th Angus Evans (Year 11)125cc
11th Mason Schroder (Year 10) Jnr 125cc 
16th James Noble-Campbell (Year 12) 125cc
18th Daniel Geddes (Year 9) Jnr 125cc
5th Kale Duncan (Year 9) Novice 85cc
7th Jaemin Dobbs (Year 9) Novice 125cc

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