House Singing and Haka results and images

Last Tuesday saw HBHS compete for some serious House competition points, as the House Singing and Haka Competitions were contested.  The results are as follows, and we (begrudgingly) congratulate Tait House and Wilson House on their wins.  Speaking of begrudging, we must also congratulate the Prefects on their win in the Staff versus Prefect Singing competition!

House Singing
Place:    House:      Points:

1st Tait 12
2nd Argyle 10
3rd Steel 8
4th Wilson 6
5th Taylor 4
6th Baigent 2

House Haka
Place:    House:      Points:

1st Wilson 12
2nd Argyle 10
3rd Taylor 8
4th  Tait 6
5th  Baigent 4
6th Steel 2


Overall (with 2 events to follow)

1st Wilson 85
2nd Argyle 77
3rd Taylor 60
4th Steel 59.5
5th  Tait 58
6th  Baigent 35.5
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