Isaiah Priddey wins National Secondary Schools Cross Country Title

Over the weekend, the HBHS Cross Country team braved sleet and frigid temperatures to compete at the National Secondary Schools Cross Country Championships, with Isaiah Priddey securing a gold medal in the Junior Event and helping the Junior 3-Man and 6-Man teams to win silver medals.  The full list of entrants and results follows, and we congratulate all of our boys on their efforts.  Thanks to Teacher in Charge Ms Tonia Heeps, and thanks also to Mr Vaughn Priddey for the photographs.

Year 9 Boys (from a field of 152 athletes):

Lochie Montgomerie:  6th

Jordan Taylor:  24th

Henry Antoniazzi:  66th

Luke Taylor:  82nd

Karl Bradley:  86th

Seff Curle:  132nd

Seff was expected to finish in the top 50 and would have been a part of the 3-man team result, but had been ill all week and was ill during the race.  It was a gallant effort on his part to even compete.  The 3-man team finished 4th overall.

Junior Boys (Under 16 - from a field of 146 athletes:

Isaiah Priddey:  1st

Sam Montgomerie:  14th

Connor Tristram:  28th

Sam Cook:  55th

Josh Neagle:  60th

Daniel Sinkinson:  62nd

3-man team 2nd overall and the 6-man team 2nd overall

Senior boys (from a field of 208 athletes):

Leon Arcus:  64th

Blair Pennell:  76th

Sean Lovelock:  91st

Sean Trowern:  110th

Alastair Gloyn:  129th

Bradley Cullen:  134th

Taine Blake:  136th

Waikere West:  140th

Finn Myles:  144th    

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