Jarrod Briggs wins Model Flying New Zealand Titles

During the Easter break, Year 12 student Jarrod Briggs traveled to Masteron to compete in the Model Flying New Zealand 68th National Championships and came back with two national titles and the overall Junior Champion award, along with a healthy collection of medals and trophies.  It was a very busy five days for Jarrod and his family as they were flying and competing from dawn to dusk over the entire break.  The full list of titles and placings follows and we congratulate Jarrod on all of his achievements in this field.  Jarrod has won the overall Junior Champion award for the fourth year in a row, even though he competes against senior fliers in all of the classes he enters.

First in Free Flight Aggregate

Second in the Unlimited class of Scale Aerobatics

Second and third in Sport Pylon Racing. In addition he worked as the helper for the Export Pylon Racing class which he won as a team with his father Frazer, setting a new New Zealand record in the process.

Second in Intermediate Scale.

Seventh in F3A Precision Aerobatics.

Ninth in F3K Discus Launch Glider.

Thanks to Frazer Briggs for this report.



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