Junior Prizegiving 2014

On Friday December 12, we ended the 2014 school year with our Junior Prizegiving, held at HBHS in our school gymnasium.  We present our full list of prizewinners and congratulate them on their success, and offer a special congratulations to our Junior Dux, and winner of the Susan Hassall Cup, Liam Haughey (pictured).  We wish all of our HBHS family and friends a safe and relaxing Christmas holiday, and look forward to seeing everyone back here again in 2015.


Year 9 Band Prizes        
Knight Jonty WH 3rd in 933 Year 9
Whitcher Keenin CZ 2nd in 933 Year 9
Teow Arnold SL 1st in 933 Year 9
Bramley Cassius NA 3rd in 932 Year 9
Pennell Kellen HD 2nd in 932 Year 9
Redman Michael VE 1st in 932 Year 9
Elliott Brooklyn GA 3rd in 931 Year 9
Dela Cruz Jizer HH 2nd in 931 Year 9
Mataira Te Ratu GA 1st in 931 Year 9
Lumsden Samuel HH 3rd in 929 Year 9
Williams Adam VE 2nd in 929 Year 9
Apperley James SC 1st in 929 Year 9
Hemi Manaaki PO 3rd in 928 Year 9
Jaunay Levi VA 2nd in 928 Year 9
Marshall Dylan SD 1st in 928 Year 9
Bollinger Shaun CL 3rd in 927 Year 9
Raffan Nate SP 2nd in 927 Year 9
Martin Thomas ER 1st in 927 Year 9
Mashlan Caelan CA 3rd in 926 Year 9
Deller Matthew KU 2nd in 926 Year 9
Johansson Svante SK 1st in 926 Year 9
Caffyn Jackson LI 3rd in 925 Year 9
Lee Paul CU 2nd in 925 Year 9
Villavicencio Lewis HD 1st in 925 Year 9
Thompson Elias LI 3rd in 924 Year 9
Swaminarayan Vatsal RI 2nd in 924 Year 9
Haworth Benjamin HH 1st in 924 Year 9
Barlow Ryan BU 3rd in 923 Year 9
Gibbons Morgan SH 2nd in 923 Year 9
Mansergh Hamish PO 1st in 923 Year 9
Reymer Jacob CA 3rd in 922 Year 9
Couper Benjamin NL 2nd in 922 Year 9
Willoughby Samuel BU 1st in 922 Year 9
Flowerday Nicholas MD 3rd in 921 Year 9
Singh Karanpreet NA 2nd in 921 Year 9
Crooks Caleb KI 1st in 921 Year 9
Ekanayake Geenodh HC 3rd in 915 Year 9
Williams Ben VE 2nd in 915 Year 9
Gibbons Kaden DV 1st in 915 Year 9
Mellow Hamish KU 3rd in 914 Year 9
Jin Jiaqi SJ 2nd in 914 Year 9
Frank Immo CZ 1st in 914 Year 9
Muldowney William BF 3rd in 913 Year 9
Pedley Joshua BR 2nd in 913 Year 9
Rex Ben VJ 1st in 913 Year 9
Malhotra Varin RO 3rd in 912 Year 9
O'Brien Declan BD 2nd in 912 Year 9
Year 9 Subject Prizes      
Cuellar Brandon SP First in Mathematics Year 9
Brodnax Robert CZ First in Science Year 9
Taylor Joshua SO First in Social Studies Year 9
Goodman Nicholas MC First  in English Year 9
Year 10 Band Prizes      
Rogers Shane HD 3rd in 1032 Year 10
Gibson Kieran EY 2nd in 1032 Year 10
Dorward Henry CL 1st in 1032 Year 10
Gordon Musa BA 3rd in 1031 Year 10
McIlroy Jordan VN 2nd in 1031 Year 10
Singh Manoj CT 1st in 1031 Year 10
Ranger Mitchell MD 3rd in 1029 Year 10
Perwaisy Dilshad SC 2nd in 1029 Year 10
Aquino Banjoseph EY 1st in 1029 Year 10
Mackrell Rhys PO 3rd in 1028 Year 10
Clark Samuel WH 2nd in 1028 Year 10
Immanueli Jeremaih MH 1st in 1028 Year 10
Reweti Shane-Lincoln CA 3rd in 1027 Year 10
Holliday Jonty VN 2nd in 1027 Year 10
Richardson Dean BR 1st in 1027 Year 10
Lovatt Tavis HC 2nd equal in 1026 Year 10
Mitchell-Turner Niwa VN 2nd equal in 1026 Year 10
Allan Jemaine GA 2nd equal in 1026 Year 10
Halley Campbell JN 1st in 1026 Year 10
Lloyd Nathan CZ 3rd in 1025 Year 10
McKenzie Joshua SH 2nd in 1025 Year 10
Mackie Daniel PT 1st in 1025 Year 10
Priddey Isaiah CT 3rd in 1024 Year 10
Jaunay LeMond SO 2nd in 1024 Year 10
Roulston Connor WA 1st in 1024 Year 10
Lowe Brayden MD 3rd in 1023 Year 10
Malcolm Harrison HH 2nd in 1023 Year 10
Hill Raymond TZ 1st in 1023 Year 10
Perrin Ethan HD 3rd in 1022 Year 10
Hulme Ewan SU 2nd in 1022 Year 10
Chapple Alex KU 1st in 1022 Year 10
Ihaka Levi WE 3rd in 1021 Year 10
Chan Cheuk Yin BE 2nd in 1021 Year 10
Nugroho Anthony BG 1st in 1021 Year 10
Orbe Ruther LI 3rd in 1016 Year 10
Cleland Jeremy HC 2nd in 1016 Year 10
Morrison Jacob BY 1st in 1016 Year 10
Bassan Simran SO 2nd equal in 1015 Year 10
Murphy Braydon NI 2nd equal in 1015 Year 10
Tristram Connor SL 1st in 1015 Year 10
Sidhu Arshdeep HT 3rd in 1014 Year 10
Sagoo Amanpal LI 2nd in 1014 Year 10
Kim Dowan NL 1st in 1014 Year 10
Van Der Westhuizen Stefan BF 3rd in 1013 Year 10
Head Seth MZ 2nd in 1013 Year 10
Brownlee-Clarke Jacob SD 1st in 1013 Year 10
Prasad Amol WE 3rd in 1012 Year 10
Hurliman Reuben MA 2nd in 1012 Year 10
Day James BB 1st in 1012 Year 10
Year 10 Option Subject Prizes      
Farrar Tom CM First in Development Training and Recreation Year 10
Littlewood Spencer WR First in Drama Year 10
Stevens Jacob MZ First in Elite Sport Year 10
Singh Manoj CT First in English for Speakers of Other Languages Year 10
McGuire Liam GN First in Film and Television Year 10
Cleland Oliver SU First in Food Technology Year 10
Malcolm Harrison HH First in History - Geography Year 10
Agluba Ricko BG First in Japanese Year 10
Coutolleau Theo CL First in Spanish Year 10
Graham Joseph VJ First in Te Reo Maori Year 10
Sagoo Amanpal LI First in Technology Metal Year 10
Jia Elliott VE First in Technology Wood Year 10
Year 10 Option Subject Multiple Prizes    
Boyd Daniel MC First in Enterprise Year 10
Boyd Daniel MC First in NCEA Economics Year 10
Monaghan Ryan VA First in Information Technology Year 10
Monaghan Ryan VA First in Music Year 10
Williams Theo SE First in Art Year 10
Williams Theo SE First in German Year 10
Year 10 Core / Multiple Subject Prizes    
Brownlee-Clarke Jacob SD First in NCEA English Year 10
Haughey Liam MA First in NCEA Geography Year 10
Oh Yuno CY First in NCEA Mathematics Year 10
MacDonald Angus BF First in Social Studies Year 10
Prasad Amol WE First in NCEA Accounting Year 10
Prasad Amol WE First in NCEA History Year 10
Willoughby James LI First in Graphics and Design Year 10
Willoughby James LI First in NCEA Science Year 10
Special Prizes        
Monaghan Ryan VA ICAS Computer Skills Medal  
Halley Campbell JN Junior Public Speaking Award  
Sutherland Cian JH Junior Creative Writing Award  
Tupaea Quinn CA Junior Sportsman of the Year  
Gibbons Kaden DV Michael Morrison-Ruru Trophy  
Gibbons Morgan SH Michael Morrison-Ruru Trophy  
Bates Thomas GL Headmaster's Award for Citizenship
Goodman Nicholas MC Eben Wilson Memorial Prize  
Tupaea Quinn CA McHaffie Cup  
Neild Timothy WR H D Tait Memorial Prize  
Ng Timothy CU Emilie and Michael Gudex Prize  
Academic Honours        
Taylor Joshua SO Fifth in Year 9  
Mandhan Sameer MC Fourth in Year 9  
Goodman Nicholas MC Third in Year 9  
Chen Alex NA Second in Year 9  
Monteiro Joshua PT First in Year 9  
Gillespie Cameron RO Fifth in Year 10  
Willoughby James LI Fourth in Year 10  
Oh Yuno CY Third in Year 10  
Ng Timothy CU Second in Year 10  
Haughey Liam MA Susan Hassall Cup and Junior Dux
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