Junior Prizegiving 2015

The final event for the year at HBHS, the 2015 Junior Prizegiving was held in the gym on Friday.  We proudly present our full list of award winners and congratulate them all on a year well spent.  Special congratulations to our Junior Dux for 2015 and winner of the Susan Hassall Cup, Alex Chen.   We wish all of our HBHS families and friends a safe and happy Christmas, and we look forward to seeing you all back next year.

Band and Subject Prize-winners:

Bailey Symonds 3rd in 933
Joshua Cullen 2nd in 933
Jack Lupton 1st in 933
Gurpreet Paul 3rd in 932
Evear Hayward 2nd in 932
Zane McGregor 1st in 932
Rojal Bilash 3rd in 931
William Swales 2nd in 931
Danyon Brunton 1st in 931
Liam Cocks 3rd in 929
Jacob Hamilton 2nd in 929
Wim du Preez 1st in 929
Pasindu Danawala Gamage 3rd in 928
Daniel Cumming 2nd in 928
Navjot Rai 1st in 928
Connor Ashton 3rd in 927
Max Armstrong 2nd in 927
Janitha Edirisinghe 1st in 927
Eddie Lichtwark 3rd in 926
Noah Stevens 2nd in 926
Drake Hemi 1st in 926
Yahia Bahr 3rd in 925
Dominic Letford 2nd in 925
Joe Chance 1st in 925
Luke Cameron 3rd in 924
Casey Sharplin 2nd in 924
Vidushan Jayaratnam 1st in 924
Nicolas Pierry 3rd in 923
Sahan Danansuriya Arachchige 2nd in 923
Siveshearn Jaynessh 1st in 923
Sam Ratima 3rd in 922
Ethan Rendall 2nd in 922
Philip Stenger 1st in 922
Jackson Bradbury 3rd in 921
Charlie Hudson 2nd in 921
Tristan Pilditch 1st in 921
Blake Morgan 3rd in 914
Ollig Frank 2nd in 914
Jesse Renner 1st in 914
Toby Heywood 3rd in 913
Rajat Khokhar 2nd in 913
Lachlan Graham 1st in 913
Harjot Dhillon 3rd in 912
Matthew Whiteman 2nd in 912
Corwin Broekhuizen 1st in 912
Damien Bolliger First in Year 9 Mathematics
Henry Yao First in Year 9 Science
Ashe Wainui-Mackle First in Year 9  Social Studies
Ashe Wainui-Mackle First  in Year 9 English
Brody Smith 3rd in 1032
Tolase Akinnuoye 2nd in 1032
Ricky Llewell 1st in 1032
Zane Kalma 3rd in 1031
Raven-James Paekau 2nd in 1031
Samuel Roberts 1st in 1031
Dylan Lahman 3rd in 1029
Nathan Timings 2nd in 1029
Jean-Claude Ekland 1st in 1029
Lajon Hamilton 3rd in 1028
Arnold Teow 2nd in 1028
Max Rennie 1st in 1028
Te Ratu Mataira 3rd in 1027
Michael Redman 2nd in 1027
Jizer Dela Cruz 1st in 1027
Michael McCaskill 3rd in 1026
Thomas Nation 2nd in 1026
Braeden Sparrow 1st in 1026
Cameron Larsen 3rd in 1025
Jayden Randall 2nd in 1025
Jackson Hawke 1st in 1025
Devon Mitchell 3rd in 1024
Ethan Walker 2nd in 1024
Christian Slater 1st in 1024
Matthew Lochore-Halpin 3rd in 1023
Noak Thomas 2nd in 1023
Rakesh Allen 1st in 1023
Jeremii Lavasi'i 3rd in 1022
Reegan Glass 2nd in 1022
Hyrum Lork 1st in 1022
Jayden Leith 3rd in 1021
Caleb Taylor 2nd in 1021
Shane Marwood 1st in 1021
Tefin Joseph 3rd in 1017
Adam Williams 2nd in 1017
Morgan Gibbons 1st in 1017
Adam Lynch 3rd in 1016
Svante Johansson 2nd in 1016
Mason Christian 1st in 1016
Elijah Hilton 3rd in 1015
Henry Marr 2nd in 1015
William Parker 1st in 1015
Karanpreet Singh 3rd in 1014
Benjamin Haworth 2nd in 1014
Jack Pruden 1st in 1014
Cian Sutherland 3rd in 1013
Henry Gann 2nd in 1013
Jordan Tengu 1st in 1013
Joshua Pedley 3rd in 1012
Jacob Salisbury 2nd in 1012
Hamish Mellow 1st in 1012
Thomas Martin First in Year 10 Art
Jay Streatfield First in Year 10 Development Training and Recreation
Cian Sutherland First in Year 10 Drama
Thomas Martin First in Year 10 Elite Sport
Pirabhat Ammatmanee First in Year 10 English for Speakers of Other Languages
Mungo Bates First in Year 10 Enterprise
Mungo Bates First in Year 10 Film and Television
Caleb Taylor First in Year 10 Food Technology
Luke Stynes First in Year 10 German
Jacob Salisbury First in Year 10 Graphics and Design
Declan O'Brien First in Year 10 History - Geography
Benjamin Haworth First in Year 10 Horticulture
Adam Lynch First in Year 10 Information Technology
Mahboobullah Nouri First in Year 10 Japanese
Euan Safey First in Year 10 Music
Sameer Mandhan First in Year 10 NCEA Accounting
Alex Chen First in Year 10 NCEA Economics
Nicholas Goodman First in Year 10 NCEA English
Jiaqi Jin First in Year 10 NCEA Mathematics
Omar Nosseir First in Year 10 NCEA Science
Omar Nosseir First in Year 10 Social Studies
Brandon Cuellar First in Year 10 Spanish
Pheonix Ngauma First in Year 10 Te Reo Maori
Mark Christopher First in Year 10 Technology Metal
Caleb Crooks First in Year 10 Technology Wood


2015 Junior Prizegiving Special Prizes:

The Junior Public Speaking Award to Joshua Devlin

The Junior Creative Writing Award to Cian Sutherland

Junior Sportsman of the Year to Kiaan Watts

The Michael Morrison-Ruru Trophy for the Greatest Enthusiasm in Year 9 to Joseph Licht

The Headmaster’s Award for Citizenship for Outstanding Civic Responsibility in Year 9 to Ashe Wainui-Mackie

The Eben Wilson Memorial Prize for Excellence in Year 9 to Henry Yao

The McHaffie Cup for Outstanding Leadership in Year 10 to Thomas Martin
The H D Tait Memorial Prize for Outstanding Character and Ability in Year 10 to Sameer Mandhan

The Emilie and Michael Gudex Prize for All-Round Excellence and Potential in Year 10 to Nicholas Goodman


Year Level Academic Awards:

Luke Peters Fifth in Year 9
Ashe Wainui-Mackle Fourth in Year 9
Liam Ballard Third in Year 9
Henry Yao Second in Year 9
Damien Bolliger First in Year 9
Shilong Yang Fifth in Year 10
Nicholas Goodman Fourth in Year 10
Omar Nosseir Third in Year 10
Immo Frank Second in Year 10
Alex Chen Susan Hassall Cup and Junior Dux
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