HBHS win National Titles in Cycling and Shooting

It may only be the first week of the September holidays, but our HBHS athletes have been hard at work winning National titles in cycling and shooting.  Kiaan Watts continues an impressive run of form this year, winning the Criterion and Road Race events at the New Zealand Secondary Schools Cycling Championships.   Burnie McGrath was also on the podium, finishing third in the Under 16 Criterion and Timmy Ng finished fourth in the Under 16 Criterion.  Our HBHS Shooting team have won three National Titles at the New Zealand Secondary Schools Championships, with Bradley Parrott finishing first in a field of 315 entrants after shooting a perfect score in three disciplines, single rise, single barrel and points score.  Jeremy Schinkel is also a New Zealand Champion, winning the Single Barrel title and our five-man team finished first in the Points Score event with a total of 283 out of 300.  Congratulations to Bradley Parrott, Jeremy Schinkel, Alex Horan, Jamie Baker and Blake Murray on their combined efforts in this event.

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