Postcards from Germany

German Tour Group Leader Dr Natalie Blackburn has sent us the first of what we hope will be many messages about their adventures.  They are currently in Munich and as we can see, the surrounds are very impressive:

"The boys have adapted quickly to life in Germany and are already chatting away in German to people on the trains and at the youth hostel.  So far we have visited a technology museum, downtown Munich, a magnificent castle (pictured) which we approached by horse and carriage and a theme park.  The rollercoasters were fantastic, if a little terrifying at times!

Tomorrow the group are off to Munich to check out the sights and do some shopping.  Everyone is in great spirits and the boys are teaching anyone they meet how to say "kia ora" and "haere mai".  We are very much looking forward to the rest of the tour."

We wish the group safe and happy travels and look forward to hearing from them again soon.

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