Send in the Troops

Boys and big vehicles will always be a winning combination, and HBHS students converged en masse on two New Zealand Army LAVs (Light Armoured Vehicles) when they arrived on school grounds this morning as part of ANZAC Day Commemorations.  HBHS Class of 2013 Old Boy (now NZ Army Trooper) Ryan McKenzie gave students a guided tour of the vehicles which, even though they are described as "light", actually weigh 17 tonnes, and happily answered the flood of questions about what they can do.  The primary weapon is a Bushmaster 25mm mounted gun, which is backed up by twin machine guns and grenade launchers.  The vehicles can carry seven Infantry troopers, along with the three LAV crew-members, who would be protected by 8mm of armour.  This can be reinforced and increased to 20mm in combat conditions.  The vehicles were visiting Waikato schools and were on their way to Auckland where they will appear at Mount Smart Stadium as a part of the Warriors-Gold Coast Titans NRL match on ANZAC Day.

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