Shave for a Cure HBHS Style!

The HBHS School Hall was jammed full today as five staff and 14 students sacrificed their luscious locks in the HBHS Shave for a Cure in support of the Leukemia and Blood Cancer Foundation initiative.  At the time of posting, we had raised $5775 for this most worthy of causes, and our 19 volunteers were sporting rather streamlined new looks!

It is still possible to donate money, either at the School Shop, via your Tutor Group teachers, or check out the online options below.  Thank you once again to our volunteers, to everyone who donated, and to Murray Rose Barbers who donated their time today, all to help in the quest to cure these cancers.!/Shave-for-a-Cure-2015-at-Hamilton-Boys-High-School-423360534534899/timeline/


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