Showdown on the Front Field: Staff vs Prefects Football Match

It is always a much-anticipated match-up of Spirit Week, and today at lunchtime, in glorious spring weather, the 2014 Staff vs Prefects Football match was contested on the Number 1 field.  This match is never taken lightly, and it was very clear right from the start that both sides were there to win.  Challenges were made, dives and tackles abounded, all under the watchful eye of regular referee Mr Andrew Tucker.  It was first blood to the Prefects, with Alex Hartopeanu sneaking the ball past Staff Goalkeeper Mr Greg Kirkham, but the Prefects celebrations were short-lived, as Mr Aaron Scott struck back and powered a shot past a diving Joseph Graham.  Despite multiple attempts and some dazzling skills on show, the score remained at 1 - 1 when the lunchtime bell signaled full-time, meaning that the trophy designed and built by Mr Jason Maclean stayed with the reigning champion Staff team.  The Staff happily take this win to compensate for a very narrow 18 - 16 loss in the Basketball yesterday.  It was a fabulous end to Spirit Week 2014, and to a very busy term, and we wish our HBHS family and friends a safe and happy holiday break.

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