Spirit Week 2017: Staff versus Prefects Debate

It was the last opportunity for the Prefects (and Michael Doyle) to get a win over the Staff in the Hall on Thursday, with the Staff versus Prefects (and Michael Doyle) debate.  The Staff team of Messrs Brown, Sutherland and Kearney argued eloquently and intelligently for the return of school socials, whilst Tim Ng, Reuben Hurliman and, of course, Michael Doyle swatted away any suggestions that they in fact needed any socialisation at all.  At the end it was too close to call, so the crowd were called upon to choose and when that proved inconclusive, it all came down to the highly scientific method of rock, paper and scissors.  Michael Doyle's rock beat Mr Kearney's scissors, so the Prefects (and Michael Doyle) took the win.  Well, they needed one...

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