Spirit Week continues: The Prefects Strike Back

The Tuesday lunchtime activities saw the Prefects make up some much-needed ground, with wins in both the Ultimate Frisbee competition and (rather controversially) in the Debating.  The Prefect team came back from a 3 goal deficit to win the Ultimate Frisbee match 7 - 6, and the Prefect Debaters, led by Adam Cameron, narrowly defeated a very strong staff team consisting of Mr Sutherland, Mrs Redpath and Mr Brown.  The moot was that cellphones should be allowed in the classroom, and the Prefects were successful in negating this, which will certainly be remembered the next time the Third Speaker for the Prefect team attempts to use one in class.  It has been a brilliant start to Spirit Week and we look forward to tomorrow's Pass the Pen Relay to be held in the Gym at lunchtime.

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