Staff versus Prefects Football match goes down to the wire...

The Prefects may have enjoyed their brief moment of triumph at School Singing on Tuesday, but they were put back in their place by the Staff Football team in today's Staff versus Prefects Football match at lunchtime today.  As always it was watched by a huge crowd of enthusiastic spectators, and it brought Spirit Week, and Term 3, to an end today.  For the Prefects, Stafford Dowling scored very early and fortunately for the Staff, Mr Sam Wilkinson got the equaliser just before half time.  The Prefects struck first again, thanks to Christopher Goodwin, but the Staff were never going to allow them the win, and Mr Dan Bair scored the goal that would enable the Staff, as current holders, to retain the trophy (according to Ranfurly Shield and Mr Hay's rules).  Mr Tucker did his usual sterling job as referee, and the game was very much enjoyed by participants and crowd alike.  

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