Steel win House Chess Competition

Steel House have taken out the House Chess Competition held last week, and have moved themselves three points clear of Tait House who are still in last place.  Baigent House still lead, but Argyle House's poor run of form in the more indoor orientations has cost them third place behind Wilson House.  Taylor House is still second, but with a major event still to come, there is still everything to play for.  The House Chess Points and overall competition points are as follows:

House Chess Competition:

Place: House: Junior Pts: Senior Pts: Total: Final:
1st Steel 11 8.5 19.5 6
2nd Tait 6.5 12 18.5 5
3rd Wilson 11 6.5 17.5 4
4th Taylor 4 12 16 3
5th Baigent 10.5 4 14.5 2
6th Argyle 2 2 4 1

Overall House Competition Points and Places:

Place: House: Total:
1st Baigent 56
2nd Taylor 52
3rd Wilson 47
4th Argyle 45
5th Steel 38
6th Tait 35

Go Steel (not that I'm biased...)!

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