Student Leaders for 2015

The first full school assembly of 2015 is always a very special event at HBHS, as the student leaders for the school year are named and celebrated.  These are the students who are recognised for their outstanding personal qualities, strength of character and ability to lead by example.  We congratulate all of our 2015 Leaders on their success, and thank each and every applicant for ensuring that the standard of HBHS student leaders is at the highest level.  A special congratulations to our Head Prefect for 2015, Soumil Singh.

House Leaders for 2015

The House Competition is an integral part of life at HBHS and we congratulate the following students on being named Captain and Deputy House Captain for 2015:

House: Leader: Deputy Leader:
Argyle Cameron Steedman Blake Vincent
Baigent Sean Haisley Sam Toa
Steel Cameron Sinclair Connor Gibson
Tait Tayne Tupaea Callum Turner
Taylor Thomas Williams Oliver Ng
Wilson Sam Pene Matthew Munn


Prefects, Positions of Responsibility, Deputy Head Prefects and Head Prefect

Congratulations to our Senior Student Leaders for 2015:


Leon Arcus Paul Barkle Thomas Bedford
Reed Bell Kalib Bouma-Tucker Johnny Brough
Stephen Burroughs Will Captein Dominic Clapcott
Aidan Clarkin-Rush Paul Dyer Jamie Ensor
Matias Fitzwater Sean Haisley Hohua Hemi
Morgan Hopkins Amos Jaunay Samuel Kahuroa
Alex Kennedy Kristoffer Lavasi'i Patrick Lynch
Troy Mace Ryan Madden Josef Meek
Max Mitchell Matthew Munn Daniel Ng
Oliver Ng Samuel Pene Blair Pennell
Visharn Sathiyakumar Spyro Sikiotis Soumil Singh
Nicholas Souchon Cameron Steedman Samuel Toa
Tayne Tupaea Blake Vincent Kieran Wells
Thomas Williams    
Positions of Responsibility:    
Morgan Hopkins Captain of Arts for 2015  
Blair Pennell Captain of Sport for 2015  
Top Four:    
Daniel Ng Deputy Head Prefect for 2015  
Aidan Clarkin-Rush Deputy Head Prefect for 2015  
Alex Kennedy Deputy Head Prefect for 2015  
Soumil Singh Head Prefect for 2015  









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