Super 8 Cultural Festival 2017

Last weekend our best and brightest performers, musicians, artists and actors headed south to Rotorua to compete in the annual Super 8 Cultural Festival.  As always the events were keenly contested, and we congratulate our cultural ambassadors on their efforts.  The results are as follows:

Music Group:  HBHS third equal with Napier (won by Tauranga Boys' College)

Music Solo Junior:  HBHS first

Music Solo Senior:  HBHS third equal with New Plymouth (won by Tauranga Boys' College)

Junior Theatre Sports:  HBHS first

Senior Theatre Sports:  HBHS second (won by Tauranga Boys' College)

Junior Debating:  HBHS first

Senior Debating:  HBHS first

Kapa Haka:  HBHS second (won by Raukura) 

Pasifika:  HBHS second

Senior Oratory:  HBHS third (won by New Plymouth Boys' High School)

Drama:  HBHS first

Junior Art:  HBHS first

Senior Art:  HBHS third (won by Napier Boys' High School).


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