Swimming Sports 2018

The HBHS 2018 Swimming Sports were held on a scorching Friday, with the seniors competing in the morning and the juniors enjoying the respite from classrooms in the afternoon.  An incredible 9 records were broken by our age group champions, and the Senior Tutor Group relay was won by Kr. As a major event there were serious points on offer, and Wilson made a flying start to the 2018 House competition, finishing 70 points ahead of second placed Taylor House.  The remaining Houses were bunched together some distance from the top two, and Tait House, after finishing in last place last year, will be looking for a much better day at the track.  The full list of age group champions and records are as follows, and we congratulate Ciaran Watson, Caleb Parsons and Danyon Hardie.   Thanks also to Mr Jeremy Quigley and his 12PY boys on their superb organisation of the day.

Junior Championship:

1st Ciaran Watson Taylor 66 points
2nd Dominic Fawkner Taylor 52 points
3rd Max Roberts Steel 42 points

Intermediate Championship:

1st  Caleb Parsons Wilson 62 points
2nd Carlos Hardie Wilson 56 points
3rd Jeremy Doig Wilson 52 points

Senior Championship:

1st Danyon Hardie Wilson 96 points
2nd Sam Ratima Taylor 89 points
3rd Jaxyn Mihaka Taylor 44 points


Ciaran Watson - Junior 100m Backstroke, Junior 100m Breaststroke, Junior 100m Freestyle and Junior 200m Freestyle

Caleb Parsons - Intermediate 100m Backstroke

Danyon Hardie - Senior 100m Breaststroke and Senior 100m Freestyle

Senior Tutor Group Relay winners: KR

Senior Inter-House Medley Relay: Wilson House

House Points:

1st Wilson 651 points 12
2nd Taylor 581 points 10
3rd Steel 226 points 8
4th Baigent 189 points 6
5th Argyle 157 points 4
6th Tait 136 points 2
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