The Golf Report 2015

Thursday 5th February saw the annual running of the school golf championships.  This year the competition was held as early as possible to prepare for the Super 8 Golf Championship taking place at St Andrews Hamilton early in March.  The conditions were perfect to start with, but the wind picked up in the afternoon which caused some high scoring. The best junior golfer at HBHS was decided with Luke Kidd (Year 9) shooting 84 which was 10 shots better than second-placed Dominic Letford (Year 9) and both boys showed the Year 10’s how to deal with windy conditions.  The senior championship this year will consist of 5 rounds, with Super 8 and the Waikato Championships deciding the outright winner.



School Champs

Position (To date)

Isaac Butcher



Tyler Wood




The elite squad has been named from the championship and from this group will come the boys who will compete for the Super 8 title, endeavour to win the Waikato Championships and continue our strong performances in the school exchanges.

The team is:

Sam McGovern (Year 13), Isaac Butcher (Year 12), Luke Kidd (Year 9), Sam Brinkworth (Year 11), Tyler Wood (Year 11), Keenan Membery (Year 11), Max Gabolinscy (Year 12), James Fellows-Ford (Year 11), Bodie Hodges (Year 12), Michael Jones (Year 11), Samat Wattanasuwan (Year 11) and Leo Ko (Year 9).

This is a young squad and I look forward to working with them over the next few years.

By Mr Brendon Cooley

Teacher in Charge of Golf

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