Waikato Science Fair Prize-Winners

The prize-giving for the Waikato Science Fair held during the weekend took place at St Paul's Collegiate last night, and we congratulate the following award-winners on their efforts.
Ruaridh Martynoga in 912 won 3rd place for his project on compost.
Asher Yang in 911 won 3rd place for his research into which toothpaste is the best.
Jared Mann in 911 won 2nd place for investigating the best turbine to supply power.
Cayden Buitendach in 912 won 1st place for investigating the potential impact of dimples (such as on a golf ball) on the performance of aircraft foils  Cayden also won Physical World Year 9, Best Year 9, Best in the Fair and Kudos Hamilton Science Excellence special award of outstanding science exhibits. (This is the Supreme Award of the competition)



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