We celebrate our best ever New Zealand Scholarship Examination results

The Year 13 assembly today was the perfect time to celebrate our Scholarship examination results of 2016, which are the best we have ever achieved at HBHS.  Our Scholarship examination candidates achieved a total of 81 Scholarships, with 14 at Outstanding level. In addition, Christopher Mayo (pictured winning the Dux Award at the 2016 Senior Prize Giving), was named as a Premier Scholar, which ranks him in the top ten of all Scholarship winners in New Zealand.  We were fortunate that a number of our Scholarship candidates were able to return for the assembly and receive the congratulations they, and all of our candidates, thoroughly deserve before they head off to University.  The full list of HBHS Scholarship winners and their subjects follows, along with a subject breakdown of the results, and once again, we congratulate these boys on their exceptional efforts.  Kia kaha.

First Name Last Name Year Level Subject Scholarship Outcome
Eight Scholarships with Six Outstanding        
Christopher Mayo 13 English S
Christopher Mayo 13 Media Studies S
Christopher Mayo 13 Biology O
Christopher Mayo 13 Chemistry O
Christopher Mayo 13 Physics O
Christopher Mayo 13 Statistics O
Christopher Mayo 13 Calculus O
Christopher Mayo 13 Classical Studies O
Six Scholarships with One Outstanding
Matthew  Handford 13 Biology O
Matthew  Handford 13 Chemistry S
Matthew  Handford 13 Economics S
Matthew  Handford 13 English S
Matthew  Handford 13 History S
Matthew  Handford 13 Statistics S
Five Scholarships with One Outstanding        
Cameron Salisbury 13 Chemistry O
Cameron Salisbury 13 Calculus S
Cameron Salisbury 13 Economics S
Cameron Salisbury 13 Physics S
Cameron Salisbury 13 Statistics S
Five Scholarships        
Douglas  Shephard 13 Economics S
Douglas  Shephard 13 Geography S
Douglas  Shephard 13 Media Studies S
Douglas  Shephard 13 Physical Education S
Douglas  Shephard 13 Statistics S
Four Scholarships with Two Outstanding        
Jacob Cheatley 13 Physics O
Jacob Cheatley 13 Statistics O
Jacob Cheatley 13 Calculus S
Jacob Cheatley 13 Economics S
Four Scholarships with One Outstanding
Dongyun Lee 13 Statistics O
Dongyun Lee 13 Calculus S
Dongyun Lee 13 Economics S
Dongyun Lee 13 Physics S
Four Scholarships        
Hamish Weren 13 English S
Hamish Weren 13 Statistics S
Hamish Weren 13 Media Studies S
Hamish Weren 13 Classical Studies S
Three Scholarships with Two Outstanding        
Tai Lohrer 13 Biology O
Tai Lohrer 13 Economics O
Tai Lohrer 13 English S
Three Scholarships        
Krishan Deo 13 Biology S
Krishan Deo 13 Economics S
Krishan Deo 13 English S
Ben Lambourne 13 Biology S
Ben  Lambourne 13 English S
Ben  Lambourne 13 Statistics  
Max Sharplin 13 Calculus S
Max Sharplin 13 Chemistry S
Max Sharplin 13 Physics S
Two Scholarships with One Outstanding        
Matthew  Graham 13 English S
Matthew  Graham 13 Painting O
Two Scholarships        
Finley Breeze 13 Calculus S
Finley Breeze 13 Chemistry S
Lachlan Cate 13 Chemistry S
Lachlan Cate 13 Physics S
Jordyn Coxhead 13 History S
Jordyn Coxhead 13 Statistics S
Tommy Liu 13 Economics S
Tommy Liu 13 Technology S
Cameron Paul 13 Chemistry S
Cameron Paul 13 Physics S
Christopher Riddell 13 Biology S
Christopher Riddell 13 English S
Jeevan Vettivel 13 Chemistry S
Jeevan Vettivel 13 Statistics S
One Scholarship        
Blake Akapita 13 English S
Lucas  Clarke 13 English S
Connor Fergusson 13 Accounting S
Michael Fu 13 English S
Harrison Grant 13 Chemistry S
Samuel Hollis 13 Physics S
Yifei Ma 13 English S
Sivaram Manoharan 13 Chemistry S
Taylor  Martinovich 13 English S
Hamish McAlley 13 Media Studies S
Yuno  Oh 12 English S
Isaac Poole 13 Physics S
Joshua  Rogers 12 English S
Danyon  Snedden 13 English S
George  Taurua 13 Photography S
Benjamin  Taylor 12 English S
Fiontan Townsend 13 Calculus S


Subject Scholarships
English 17
Chemistry 10
Statistics 10
Physics 9
Economics 8
Calculus 7
Biology 6
Media Studies 4
Classical Studies 2
History 2
Accounting 1
Geography 1
Painting 1
Photography 1
Physical Education 1
Technology 1
No of Scholarships 67
No of Outstanding Schols 14
Total No of Scholarships 81
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