Year 12 Leavers Assembly

At today’s final Year 12 Assembly for the year, students had the opportunity to thank and farewell those Year 12 students who will not be returning to HBHS in 2015.  Mrs Hassall began by thanking the Year 12 cohort for their contributions to the school throughout their time here, and wished the group every success in both their upcoming examinations and in their new ventures beyond the school.  Head Prefect James Parton spoke to the leavers and acknowledged the mixture of emotions that they would be feeling at this time, a combination of sadness on leaving and excitement at the thought of what was ahead.  Year 12 leaver Luke Rodgers then spoke on behalf of the leavers and was thoughtful and articulate as he spoke of being proud of the school he has been a part of, and thanked teachers and Mrs Hassall for everything they have done.  It was an excellent opportunity for the Year 12 group to reflect on their time at HBHS, and on what lay ahead for them, either returning to HBHS in 2015 as senior school leaders, or on to the next phase in their life journeys.  The list of Year 12 Leavers along with their destinations is listed as follows, and we wish every student well as they move on to new things:

Jarrod Banks to a building apprenticeship with Porter Homes in Hamilton

Mitchell Brown to a building apprenticeship with Livingstone in Hamilton

Callum Davies to a Wintec Automotive Engineering Course

Henry Duong to Crown College in Auckland to study Business Management

Liam Fisher to full time employment before applying to join the New Zealand Police

Keenan Francis to an I.T. and Sound Engineering Course in South Africa

Matthew Fyfe to full time employment to save for future tertiary study

Joshua Hasler to a Wintec Electrical Engineering Course

Kohatu Leach-Wahanui to a Wintec Media Arts Course

Sam Lochore-Halpin to a Wintec Heavy Diesel Automotive Course

Kaiya McKinnon to Sir George Seymour College in Hamilton on an Airline and Travel Tourism Course

Aidan Miller to a Wintec Automotive Engineering Course

James Mills to UCOL in Palmerston North on an Agriculture Course

Sungjun Park to Auckland University to study Business Management

Adam Rasmussen to a Wintec Culinary Course

Caelen Rees-Williams to a Motorcycle Mechanic Apprenticeship in Auckland

Mitchell Rhind to a Wintec Heavy Diesel Automotive Course

Daniel Robinson to a Wintec Media Arts Course

Luke Rodgers to Vision College to study for a Bachelor of Music

Kongpob Wongkulapat to Assumption University in Thailand to study for a Degree in Communication and Arts

Ben Wilson to a Wintec Electrical Engineering Course


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