Year 9 Careers Day 2015

Today as part of our final week at school, the Year 9 students had the opportunity to check out possible career options.  HBHS Careers Advisor Mrs Lynnette Ross and her team invited in a wide range of specialists who presented seminars and gave demonstrations of everything from tree maintenance to personal training, life in the fire service, life as a professional rugby player, training police dogs, engineering, the New Zealand defence forces and more!  This was real world experience presented by real life experts as was proven in one of the police dog-handling sessions when a seminar had to be cut short because one of the officers was called away to attend an incident.  The morning was a huge success thanks to our enthusiastic presenters who happily gave up their time to share their knowledge and experiences with our students and the hard work and organisational skills of our Careers Advisors at HBHS.

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